Become a Tutor

Welcome to the Writing Center! 

If you are interested in tutoring, we want to meet you. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Please read the position requirements below and contact Daniel Henke with any questions. Also, consider scheduling an appointment to experience what we do. Every staff member at the Writing Center is here to help you progress as a tutor, writer, and individual. 

Our Training Program

The peer-led training program involves five stages with objectives that need to be met on a weekly basis.  You will be assessed by both staff and training assistants weekly as well, so you will always know where you stand in the process.  You are paid for the five hours you work in the Center each of these weeks as well as the additional hours you will spend working on written materials to support your training. The process is relatively demanding but—from what our tutors will tell you—educational and rewarding as well.  The good news:  you will be sitting in on sessions and working with clients from the very beginning and experiencing the rewards of tutoring as a result.

Tutor Qualifications 

  • An overall grade point average of 3.5 or better
  • A clear conduct record
  • Outstanding performance in more than one expository writing course in two different departments at Lake Forest College
  • The ability to clearly and succinctly convey information in interpersonal communication
  • Patience, sensitivity, diplomacy, and self-control
  • Reliability, perseverance, adaptability
  • A positive attitude and the willingness to offer helpful support to other students and fellow tutors
  • Understanding and commitment to the Writing Center’s philosophy and training requirements

Ready to Apply?  

Training Program Materials

All of the materials for our training program have been developed by Center tutors and staff based on our experiences with our client base and our knowledge of what tutors need to know to tutor with confidence and skill.

Orientation Stage

Modeling Stage — Communicating Effectively

Guided Tutoring Stage —  Session from Start to Finish

Guided Tutoring Stage — Understanding Tutor Moves


Independent Tutoring Stage 

Self-Directed Development/Additional Support

Resources for Avoiding Plagiarism

Additional Resources: English Language Learners