Meal Plan Accommodations

Lake Forest College has determined all students who live on campus must participate in our meal plan program provided by Parkhurst Dining to foster connections on the campus community and ensure a healthy and well-balanced dietary option for students. Parkhurst provides eleven (11) dining stations that serve a variety of food, made from scratch, and consider many common dietary restrictions during preparation. Parkhurst offers an “Inspired Eats” station 6 days a week which is free of the top 9 allergens and gives our guest a worry-free option for those that require “clean cooking.” All our other stations, including “Inspired Eats,” are labeled with allergen alerts on both the displayed menus as well as on the glass partitions. Parkhurst offers individualized support for students who may need specific dietary information.

Exemptions from meal plan participation are rarely granted. Students with dietary preferences (e.g. vegetarianism), religious observances, or any other non-medical based dietary conditions are encouraged to contact Parkhurst directly with questions or concerns.

If a student has a disability need for a meal plan exemption that cannot be accommodated by Parkhurst Dining, they may complete the Accessibility Services Verification Form. Medical documentation stating the disability related need and how it directly connects with the request must be provided from a provider specializing in a field consistent with the diagnosis. Information regarding specific dietary restrictions must be included. Please provide all information that supports the disability-related need when submitting your paperwork.

To begin the meal plan accommodation process, please email

  • Deadline to submit for Fall Semester: July 1st
  • Deadline to submit for Spring Semester: November 1st
  • If submitted outside of these deadlines, requests will be determined at the next reasonably available meeting time.
  • Meal Plan accommodations are NOT retroactive and financial refunds will not be granted for current or past semesters. Once the semester begins, all approved meal plan accommodations will be applied to the following semester.
  • Students are encouraged to submit all disability related meal plan requests well in advance of the semester start date which can be found on the academic calendar.