Frequently Asked Questions

The Career Advancement Center can help you create an internship search plan and show you how an Academic Internship can fit into your schedule. Please review the most frequently asked questions below.

Am I required to do an internship? 

Communication majors are required to complete an internship as part of the major. All other students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to complete at least one (for-credit or non-credit) internship during their time at the College. 

Can I complete the Experiential Learning FFC requirement with an internship? 

Yes! Review the information on our Academic Internship page for more details.

Pursuing an internship (for-credit or non-credit) is just one way a student may satisfy the Experiential Learning requirement. Please refer to the Forester Fundamental Curriculum webpage for a complete list of options to complete this requirement.

How many internship credits can I complete during my time at the College? 

Academic (for-credit) internships – You may earn up to 3.0 credits from the Academic Internship Course toward degree requirements. Students must appeal directly to the Academic Appeals Board to earn additional internship credits.  

Non-credit internships – Unlimited! (International students on an F-1 of J-1 Visa must complete all internships for credit.) 

How many internship credits can I take at a time? 

A minimum of 1 credit and a maximum of 2 credits may be awarded for each internship per semester. 

Can I pursue an internship as a sophomore? 

Students must be of junior or senior status during semester of completion. Sophomores must submit an appeal to the Career Advancement Center. Contact for more information. 

Is there a course attached to completing an internship? 
Yes! You are required to complete weekly assignments, in addition to the hours spent on-site at your internship, in order to pass the Academic Internship Course. Internships are graded Pass/No Pass. 

I already have an internship. Can I get credit for it? 

Congratulations! Complete the Academic Internship Interest Form to connect with an Internship Specialist who will walk you through the process.

You can only receive credit if your internship has been approved by an Internship Specialist by the add/drop date.  

I completed an internship in the past. Can I still get credit for it? 

No, retroactive credit is not permitted.  

I am on Academic Probation. Can I still complete an internship? 

Students on academic probation are not eligible to receive academic credit for an internship. Appeals to this policy may be submitted to the Academic Appeals Board. 

Can I continue my internship into another semester? 

Students wishing to continue an existing internship as an Academic Internship must show that their responsibilities have significantly changed and that the new responsibilities will give the student a sufficiently different educational/academic experience. Please complete the Academic Internship Interest Form to begin this process.  

Do I have to search for my own internships or will the Career Advancement Center help me with that? 

You are responsible for creating a search plan and securing an internship. Begin your search a minimum of one semester early for the best chance of securing an internship.

Your Internship Specialist is there to help guide you through the internship search process. They can help you identify resources and methods to help you secure an internship and share organizations that have hosted academic interns in the past. They will also help you craft your resume and cover letters and prepare for interviews.

Can international students complete an internship or career-related part-time work not for credit (paid or unpaid)?

No, international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa are not eligible to complete non-credit internships. International students are only permitted to complete Academic Internships for credit and must receive  employment authorization (CPT) before starting their internship.  

Can international students apply for paid internships? 

International students can complete paid internships. International students must receive employment authorization (CPT) before starting their internship.  

Will a paid internship affect Financial Aid? 

No. An Academic Internship takes the place of a formal course and is included in your tuition.

Is there funding for unpaid internships? 

Yes! Students who have accepted an unpaid internship can apply to receive financial assistance through our Internship Funding Program. If you have secured an unpaid internship, please complete the  Internship Funding Application. 

What is the registration deadline for an Academic Internship? 

Students must submit their internship application no later than one week prior to the add/drop date for classes to allow time for approvals.

Do I need to register for the internship course?

Nope! The Career Advancement Center will take care of this for you. We've got you covered. 

How long does it take for my internship to be approved? 

Students must be approved by the Dean of Students, the Title IX Coordinator, their Academic Advisor, and their Internship Specialist before the Career Advancement Center will approve an Academic Internship for registration. This process can take up to four weeks after the add/drop date. You may begin your internship while these final approvals are pending.

What is the difference between a Faculty Project Supervisor, Academic Advisor, and Internship Specialist? 

A Faculty Project Supervisor is only needed if you plan to gain approval for a non-credit internship or project to satisfy the Experiential Learning requirement. This is a faculty member that you identify to oversee your non-credit internship or project. While this certainly can be your Academic Advisor, it does not have to be. 

An Academic Advisor is a faculty member within the department of your major who supports you and provides guidance to you during your time at the College. Typically, they are your first point of contact for any academic concerns. 

An Internship Specialist is a member of the Career Advancement Center that aids you in the internship search process and supervises the internship course.