What to Expect at Your Tutoring Appointment

You can always expect a welcoming and comfortable environment with a highly trained peer tutor

What will your tutor ask you?

  • Your tutor will ask for you to take out your notes, textbook, computer (if your course uses an online resource), a calculator (if necessary), and something to take notes with (pen/pencil, notebook)
  • If you recently took an exam, they will ask how you performed and will want to see the exam so you both can clear up any confusion.
  • They will ask you what you want to work on. The expectation is that you have attempted your homework and are looking for clarification on problems/concepts you are struggling with.
  • They will ask when homework is due and/or when you have your next assessment

What can you expect from your tutoring session?

  • Your tutor will ask to see your homework, what you have done and what you need help with
  • Your tutor will ask how you are trying to solve problems you are struggling with and what tools are you using to help you work through problems.
  • Your tutor will help you find answers to your questions using your notes. 
  • If you have incomplete notes, your tutor will give you advice on how to take thorough and organized notes to succeed in the course. 
  • Your tutor will try to explain concepts similarly to your professor so there is consistency between your appointment and your course. If you are still confused,  your tutor will try to explain concepts in a different way.
  • You will be able to work on homework problems, but do not expect your tutor to try and rush through your homework, or give you answers, to get it done. Their job is to help you understand course material, not to get you through homework. 
  • Your tutor will ask about your study techniques, time management, and give you tips and strategies to help you prepare for assessments. 
  • If your tutor is unsure how to help, they will direct you to your professor's office hours.
  • At the end of every tutoring session, your tutor will give you a goal for the next time you meet.

QRC Policies:

  • Come prepared with your book, homework calculator, computer, notebook, pen/pencil
  • Do homework problems or review material before your appointment so your tutor can focus on the areas you are unsure about.
  • If you need to miss an appointment due to illness, we have Teams remote tutoring as an option.
  • If you have to miss a tutoring appointment and cannot have a remote session, notify your tutor ahead of time and try to reschedule.
  • If your tutor cannot reschedule, if you cancel and do not attempt to reschedule, or if you miss an appointment for any reason, it will count as a missed/canceled tutoring session.
  • You are allowed to have two missed/canceled tutoring sessions in a semester. Upon a third missed or canceled session, your remaining appointments will be canceled. You can contact the Director of the QRC to see if you can get your appointments reinstated. 
  • Canceling or missing because you have "nothing to work on" is not accepted. Unless you are getting 100% on all assignments and assessments, you can always review past material during your tutoring session to get a better understanding om the material you will see on the final exam.