Become a Tutor

Job Description

The Science Resource Center (SRC) provides both individual and group tutoring for currently enrolled Lake Forest College students. This tutoring is limited to science-based courses and does not provide support for language, history, or other non-science-based courses. SRC tutors are responsible for assisting students with comprehension of course material through review and practice. Students meet with tutors for approximately 50 minutes and finish each session with a written report. Tutors are also responsible for attending scheduled meetings with the SRC Coordinator and/or the SRC staff.

Requirements to become an SRC Tutor:

  • Maintain a clear conduct record
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or greater
  • Have earned an A- or better in the course being tutored
  • Be recommended by a professor that teaches at least one of the courses that the SRC tutors
  • Commit to 6-10 hours per week of tutoring
  • Have evidence of professionalism by being organized, punctual, and reliable
  • Have evidence of a growth mindset and ability to create a positive learning environment for students

To apply, you must submit a cover letter to the SRC Coordinator (Peyton Schrag; detailing your interest and qualifications for the position.