Outreach Services

One of the Health and Wellness Center's main goals is making sure that students both have, and are aware of, all of the resources available to them. Our clinical staff and Wellness Peer Educators put on outreach programs to improve awareness of our health and wellness resources and programs. 

Outreach Programming by Clinical Staff

Our clinical staff will frequently host outreach and educational events for the campus community. These include presentations on both mental and physical wellbeing, financial health and literacy, and more. 

All following services are available to all Lake Forest College students, regardless of geographic location: 

  • Digital Workshops – stress management, time management, test anxiety, etc
  • Educational posts and videos on social media
  • Instagram: lfchealthandwellness
  • Facebook: Lake Forest College Health and Wellness Center
  • Twitter: lfcbewell
  • Social media is the easiest way for them to find out what workshops we’re offering that week – If you feel comfortable, please encourage your students to follow us.

Wellness Peer Educators

The Wellness Peer Education Program provides an opportunity for students to promote healthy choices among fellow students and contribute to the well-being of the Lake Forest College community, while also gaining valuable career skills, particularly for students interested in the helping professions. This can include:

  • Designing social media advertisements or messages to promote health and wellness topics
  • Tabling around campus
  • Research for upcoming programs