Health Records and Immunizations

Health Records and Immunizations

All full-time (first year and transfer) students are required to complete the following forms on the Lake Forest Student Health Patient Portal:

  • Medical History Form
  • Immunization History Form – A signed/stamped copy of your immunization records must be uploaded into the portal for dates to be verified. 
  • Tuberculosis Questionnaire
  • Consent to Treat Form (if under the age of 18 prior to the start of semester) 

The deadline to complete all required forms with vaccination proof into the Lake Forest Student Health Patient Portal is January 15th for spring semester start and July 15th for fall semester start. If forms are not submitted by the deadline, residential students not in compliance with the immunization requirements may have their room keys withheld upon arrival to campus. Commuter students who are not in compliance with the immunization requirements will be restricted from registering for subsequent terms until compliance is obtained.

Required Immunizations

The following vaccines are required of every college student by the State of Illinois:

  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
    • 2 doses each required
    • Both doses must be after the student's first birthday
  • Meningococcal Conjugate
    • 1 dose required on or after the student's 16th birthday
    • Must be quadrivalent covering straings A, C, W, & Y
    • Students who will be 22 or older at the time of matriculation are exempt from this vaccine requirement
  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
    • 3 doses each required with any combination of DTP, DTaP and Tdap
    • At least 1 dose must be Tdap
    • The last dose must be administered within the last 10 years

Immunization Exemptions 

  • For medical exemption requests: Please ask your treating medical provider to write and sign a letter (on official letterhead) indicating the nature and probable duration of the medical condition(s) and/or circumstance(s) that contraindicate a vaccination(s).
  •  For religious exemption requests: Please fill out the religious exemption certificate.

All exemption requests should be submitted by July 15 for fall semester or by January 15 for spring semester. Submissions should be made as a PDF on the student health portal via “Document Upload.” Please note, the portal is confidential and only member of the Health & Wellness Center Staff can view the portal.

It is important to note that exemption from immunization may result in quarantine of non-immunized students off grounds in the event of a contagious disease outbreak. Lake Forest College reserves the right to deny non-immunized students access to campus or other College facilities in the case of an outbreak. The length of time a student is excluded from school will vary depending on the type of disease and the circumstances surrounding the outbreak and could range from several days to over a month.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

There is no COVID-19 vaccination requirement for Lake Forest College students, staff, and faculty. All members of our community are encouraged to continue getting the most up-to-date COVID-19 vaccine to maximize protection against the most serious of COVID -19 (CDC guidance).

All records submitted are confidential. When a studnet leaves the College, the record will be kept for no fewer than five years. Informaiton will only be released with the written permission of the student.

Tuberculosis Screening

Prior to arrival on campus, all incoming students must complete the tuberculosis (TB)  questionnaire. Based on the screening questionnaire, a TB test may be required. If a TB test is required, the following form should be used: Tuberculosis Testing Record. Completed testing records can be submitted as a PDF on the student health portal via “Document Upload.”

The test should be done no earlier than 6 months prior to arrival to campus and prior to registration for second semester. While it is recommended that students complete the TB test prior to arrival to campus, the test may be done at the Health & Wellness Center at no cost to the student. Please email to schedule an appointment.

Parent/Guardian Consent to Treat a Minor

We require Parental or Guardian Consent to treat any student who is under the age of 18. The purpose of the consent is to allow for: 1) The sharing/exchange of relevant medical information between Lake Forest College representatives (officials, faculty, staff), Lake Forest College Health and Wellness Center, and, for the purpose of diagnosis and/or treatment, other medical providers. Each of the above individuals or entities is also authorized to communicate and discuss health matters with the parents/guardians/emergency contacts of my minor child. 2)The transportation of my minor child, under appropriate circumstances, to area hospitals for diagnosis and treatment. 3.) The provision, by Lake Forest College Health and Wellness Center, of such diagnostic, therapeutic, voluntary immunization, and operative procedures as may be deemed necessary for my minor child. The consent form can be uploaded to the Lake Forest Student Health Patient Portal.


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