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Lake Forest College's Intranet for students, faculty, and staff.

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Study abroad applications are open for Summer 2023, Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Academic Year 2023–2024.

Hi everyone!

Study abroad applications (called the GEO applications) are OPEN for Summer 2023, Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Academic Year 2023-2024 programs!  🌏

What is the GEO Application?
The GEO (Global Engagement Office) application is the College's internal study abroad application
and must be submitted and approved before a student begins a specific program application.

Please review the Steps to Apply page for a general overview of the application process.

GEO Application Links:
You can find the GEO application for Summer 2023, Fall 2023,   Spring 2024, and Academic Year 2023-2024study abroad page

GEO Application Deadlines:
Below are the deadlines for each term.  Only Summer GEO Applications can be accepted past the deadline on a case-by-case basis. Some summer programs' internal applications are due  before our March 1 deadline, so please pay special attention when exploring summer programs.

  • December 1 - Fall 2023 programs & Academic Year 23-24 programs
  • April 1 - Spring 2024 programs 
  • March 1 - Summer 2023 

Available Programs:
Here are the Semester Programs and the Summer Programs pages. Here is our Selecting a Program page that can assist you with deciding what program(s) are a good fit for you.

Please note: For GEO semester applications, you will need to list at least two different programs.

Study Abroad Financials:
Before deciding on any program(s), make sure to review the study abroad  Financials page, as well as the  Off-Campus Study and Financial Aid page. The cost of a program will vary depending on the location, what's included in the program, and the program length.

Need assistance exploring the program options and/or have questions?
Schedule a meeting with me to help explore options and answer questions you may have!

There is also Study Abroad Advising drop-in hours:

  • Tuesday: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (not available on September 30)

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is located in Stuart Commons/Mohr Student Center. GEO shares a space with the Center for Chicago Programs, so if you see the Chicago sign you are in the correct place! In the Loop and ACTIVATE applications will launch later this week! Email Jennie Larsen, the Director of the Center for Chicago Programs, with any questions.

Have a wonderful rest of the day!
Best regards,

Alexandra (Allie) Olson she | her 

Director, Global Engagement Office (GEO)
LAKE FOREST COLLEGE | 555 N Sheridan Rd Lake Forest, IL 60045
Meeting:   Book an Advising Meeting

Posted 9/26/22.

College returns to Fall 2022 COVID plan as COVID cases on campus declined.

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

Just over two weeks have passed since the message below, when we were facing a concerning uptick in COVID cases on campus. I’m happy to report that the COVID situation has certainly improved. At this writing (11 a.m. Monday morning), we have only one student in isolation on campus, none off-campus, and no employees in isolation.

The precautions we’ve instituted over the last couple of weeks likely had a positive impact on reducing the transmission of the virus, and we’re grateful to the community for coming together once again to enhance our efforts. The Senior Leadership Team has decided to roll back the recommendations communicated on September 1, and formally return to the Fall 2022 plan that was published this summer. To that end, committee meetings are welcome to convene in-person per the prerogative of the members, and larger events may occur unencumbered by additional precautions.

As always, though, we encourage precautions whenever feasible during this pandemic. Wearing masks indoors reduces your risk, and we urge community members to carry a mask with them in case they are asked to put it on in any given space.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely (on- and off-campus) and write to the community again if adjustments are needed. Thank you!


Andrea B. Conner
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Lake Forest College
Rosemary House

Posted 9/19/22.

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