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Summer COVID protocols outlined with masks encouraged indoors. No formal testing clinic available; surveillance testing to be enacted if necessary.

Faculty, staff, and students,

I write with a brief summary of the Summer 2022 COVID protocols, which are nearly identical to the plans announced in March. 

Mask Policy

  •  Masks are encouraged everywhere indoors but will only be required in the following limited situations:
    o   Classes and labs, but faculty are free to eliminate the mask requirement in their classes and labs.
    o   Elsewhere, persons with ‘authority in a space’ can set the masking policy in that space. Faculty and staff can require masks in their offices, students can require masks in their residence hall rooms, and event planners can designate certain events as ‘masks required.’  Signs are available  at the following link for people to post in their spaces. Students are responsible to wear masks where required, consistent with this paragraph, and students who fail to do so will be entered into the student conduct process.
  • Persons who are not fully vaccinated and boosted are strongly encouraged to wear their mask at all times.
  • Everyone should remember the substantial personal health benefits of continuing to wear a well-fitting medical-grade mask. Free KN95 masks are still available at Rosemary House. Learn more at this February 25 CDC briefing.

  COVID Testing

  • We are not operating a formal testing clinic in the summer, but we will enact surveillance testing if it becomes necessary. 
  •  The weekly testing requirement for those with vaccination exemptions, and those who were late on their booster requirement, will be temporarily suspended during the summer.
  • Faculty, staff, or commuting summer students who are in need of a COVID test due to being symptomatic or being exposed to COVID must secure a test of their own through purchasing “at home tests” at a local pharmacy (which can likely be reimbursed through your insurance) or through scheduling a free testing appointment at a local clinic.
  • Residential students can get a free test from Public Safety between 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., which they will self-administer at Public Safety. If a test result is positive, Public Safety will notify appropriate campus offices to help students move to isolation spaces.

COVID Cases: Isolation, Quarantine, and Close Contacts

  • Health Services is closed for the summer, but a nurse will be available and continue to support any residential students who are COVID-positive.
  • COVID-positive people will still be required to isolate as before. In consultation with a College nurse (or Human Resources representative) they will be released on Day 6 without being required to take another COVID test needed, unless a fever persists or symptoms are not improving, at which point the isolation will be extended to 10 days.
  • Contact tracing for close contacts ended in March. COVID-positive individuals are now directed to inform their close contacts to get tested 5 days after their last exposure or sooner if symptoms develop.  
  • The College does not require close contacts to quarantine. That requirement ended in March. 
  • As before, employees are asked to inform Rebecca Kay in Human Resources at if they test positive for COVID.
  • As before, students are not living on campus who test positive are asked to inform Andrea Conner at   

Facilities and Guests

  •  The Dining Hall is open to faculty, staff, residential students, and guests.
  • Guests are permitted per our usual policies.

Vaccination and Booster

  • A full round of vaccinations and a booster shot continue to be required, just as they were in spring. Proof of booster was due Friday, March 25. Instructions can be found on the COVID-19 website and in previous campus emails.

In closing, the College will continue to closely monitor the ongoing pandemic. If our cases spike at any time, we may need to reinstate any or all previous and current precautions.  Thank you!



Andrea B. Conner
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Lake Forest College

Rosemary House
555 North Sheridan Road
Lake Forest, IL  60045

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Student housing contracts are now open and will remain open until June 15.

Hello, Students!

The housing contract for the 2022-2023 academic year has been reopened and is now available to complete in the MyHousing portal. The housing contract will remain open until June 15.

Students who complete the housing contract during this period will be assigned a space on campus by our office in late June. When you are completing the housing contract, you will be able to provide hall and room type preferences. Once your contract is completed, you will automatically be eligible to search and match with roommates for next year. During the assignment process in June, our office will work to assign you to a space that meets any preferences and roommate matches you have on file.

Additionally, please remember that if you are participating in a study abroad program or In The Loop for Fall 2022, you should not complete the housing contract.

If you have any questions about the housing contract or our assignment process this summer, please let us know by reaching out to or stopping by our office in Rosemary House.

Thank you!

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