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Lake Forest prohibits electric scooters, electrics bikes in central business district; fines up to $300 per offense.

On Monday, October 2, 2023, Lake Forest City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting the use of recreational powered devices (electric scooters, electric bikes, etc.) on sidewalks in the Central Business District. Riders must dismount and walk their devices within the Central Business District boundaries (see map below) to avoid a fine of up to $300 per offense. Licensed motor vehicle operators with a valid motor vehicle operator's license may operate the device within the street.

map of downtown Lake Forest

The Lake Forest Police Department is issuing warnings this fall as a courtesy, while people adjust to the new regulation. The warning itself includes a map of the Central Business District, so e-scooter riders can familiarize themselves with the boundaries. Additionally, signs will be placed throughout the Central Business District with a reminder of the new regulation. Over the winter, there will be an education campaign to spread the word about the new regulation and officers will begin issuing tickets in the spring.

As a reminder, bicycles must also be walked on sidewalks in the Central Business District per a previous ordinance.

While there’s no perfect solution, we hope that this action will help address community concerns regarding e-scooter safety within the Central Business District.

E-Scooter Safety Tips The Lake Forest Police Department has a few reminders for parents and guardians to share with their children about how to ride an e-scooter safely in Lake Forest:

1. Wear a helmet. The best way to protect yourself is to wear a helmet. 2. Walk your wheels in the Central Business District.  To avoid a ticket and fine, please walk scooters and bikes in the Central Business District. 3. Look both ways before riding through any kind of intersection. Stop and look for turning cars when crossing the street or a driveway. Be careful at crosswalks and intersections. 4. Avoid distractions. Do not use electronic devices, including earbuds, headphones, or phones, while operating your scooter. 5. Ride solo. Only one person per scooter.  6. Be respectful of others. Sound the bell attached to your scooter, announce yourself, or dismount when passing a pedestrian

Below is a link for any additional information from the city of Lake Forest.

John Briseno (JB)
Associate Director, Facilities Management 
Chair of Campus Safety

Posted 11/17/23

E-bikes, e-scooters must be parked in bike racks. They will be moved if they are blocking a building entrance or exit.

Dear students & faculty,

I am writing to bring attention to a concern regarding the parking of e-bikes / e-scooters at the entrances of our buildings. It has come to our attention that some individuals are leaving their e-bikes / e-scooters in areas that obstruct entrances and hallways.

This poses a safety hazard and inconvenience for students and visitors alike. Blocked entrances not only impede the smooth flow of foot traffic but may also create accessibility issues for individuals with mobility challenges.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides various codes and standards related to fire safety, including those that address egress from buildings. NFPA 101, or the Life Safety Code, is a comprehensive document covering egress requirements.

In general, NFPA 101 requires that means of egress, including doors and corridors, remain unobstructed and available for safe evacuation. Obstructing egress paths is typically a violation of this code, and it's crucial for safety during emergencies.

Parking e-bikes / e-scooters in entrances can pose a fire hazard due to their battery systems. E-bikes / e-scooters typically use lithium-ion batteries, which have the potential to overheat and catch fire if damaged or improperly charged. When e-bikes are parked in entrances, especially near flammable materials, the risk of a fire breaking out increases. To mitigate this hazard, it's crucial to emphasize proper parking in designated areas away from potential fire sources, ensuring the safety of both the e-bike / e-scooter owners and the building occupants.

To maintain safety and order within academic buildings, if e-bikes / e-scooters are found inside academic buildings or entrances, the e-bikes / e-scooters will be moved to the nearest bike rack. Moving e-bikes / e-scooters to designated bike racks helps ensure clear pathways, prevents potential obstructions, and contributes to the overall safety and accessibility of the building. This will promote responsible parking and enhance the environment for both students and faculty.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I believe that by promoting responsible e-bike / e-scooter parking, we can enhance the overall safety and convenience of our buildings for everyone.

John Briseno (JB)
Associate Director, Facilities Management 
Chair of Campus Safety

Posted 11/17/23

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