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IMPORTANT: Sign up for your arrival/check-in time + arrival instructions



Good evening! I know that many of you are eager to make your travel plans to campus, and get those first COVID tests scheduled, so please read this email thoroughly for instructions for both residential AND commuting students. (Remote students will be provided information at a later date.) Near the end of this email, you will have the opportunity to sign up for your time slot on your arrival/check-in day.


Due to the change in athletic conference competition, we’ve edited the arrival table from the conclusion of the Spring 2021 Plan that was released last month. The new table is printed below:


Monday, January 18

Resident Assistants arrive
Orientation Coordinators arrive

Hockey, basketball, swimming and diving, track, tennis, and softball student-athletes arrive

Friday, January 22

First Connection Mentors arrive

Orientation Leaders arrive

Monday, January 25

First Connection participants arrive

Commuting sophomores, juniors, and seniors check-in Option 1

Tuesday, January 26

First Connection Day 1

Commuting sophomores, juniors, and seniors check-in Option 2

Wednesday, January 27

First Connection Day 2

Commuting sophomores, juniors, and seniors check-in Option 3

Thursday, January 28

New students: residential move-in and commuting check-in

First-years and transfers who started in Fall 2020 AND those starting in Spring 2021 should arrive this day (unless arriving for athletics on 1/18 or First Connection on 1/25).
New residential students will check-in between 8am-3pm, and new commuting students will check-in between 3pm-5pm.

Friday, January 29

New Student Orientation Day 1

Residential sophomores, juniors, and seniors move-in

Saturday, January 30

New Student Orientation Day 2 

Residential sophomores, juniors, and seniors move-in

Sunday, January 31

Quiet period on campus with in-room quarantine except for meals and official athletic practices

Monday, February 1

Classes begin

Regular Testing Clinic schedules begin


Please note that arrivals must* occur on weekdays before 4:00pm in order to facilitate on-arrival COVID testing during the testing clinic’s open hours (*with two exceptions: later testing hours on Monday, January 25 to account for international flights, and an extra testing day scheduled on Saturday, January 30 to accommodate returning students). Local students commuting from home or a rental unit must also ‘check-in’ during the week before classes begin, as scheduled in the table above. No other early arrivals will be granted. And, any residential student that chooses to host a fellow student before their arrival date will be charged with violations of the Forester Commitment’s guest policy.


Check-in and COVID-testing for all residential and commuting students will occur at the Sports and Recreation Center. There, a comprehensive, socially-distant, highly structured check-in process will allow students to get rapid-tested for COVID, pick up keys, have their ID card made (if applicable), receive their welcome kit, be reminded of campus expectations, and obtain any other relevant arrival information or materials. Students will not be allowed to leave the check-in site until they have accomplished all tasks and their rapid COVID test results are clear. For move-in, students will be limited to two move-in helpers who will be required to follow campus and CDC guidelines; helpers will not be allowed inside the Sports and Rec Center and must depart campus within four hours of arrival.


Sign Up for Your Arrival Slot:

Starting at 12noon central time tomorrow (Wednesday, January 6), the following sign-up sheets will go live. Please choose your time by Monday, January 11 at 5pm or you’ll be assigned one shortly thereafter.

-       Arrivals on Monday, January 18: Resident Assistants, Orientation Coordinators, and hockey, basketball, swimming and diving, track, tennis, and softball student-athletes: Click here to sign up for a slot.

-       Arrivals on Friday, January 22: First Connection Mentors and Orientation Leaders: No sign up needed. Follow the arrival instructions supplied by your sponsoring department and arrive between 8:00am-4:00pm at the Sports and Rec Center.

-       ​Arrivals on Monday, January 25: First Connection participations: See your email from Karen Taboada-Buur in December that requested your RSVP and travel information.

-       Arrivals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, January 25-26-27: Commuting sophomores, juniors, and seniors: Click here to sign up for a slot.

-       Arrivals on Thursday, January 28: New first-years and transfers that started in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021: New residential students must arrive between 8am-3pm and new commuting students must arrive between 3-5pm. Click here to sign up for a slot.

-       Arrivals on Friday and Saturday, January 29 and 30: Residential sophomores, juniors, and seniors: Click here to sign up for a slot.


Reminders Before Arriving:

·       Sign up for your arrival/check-in slot if instructed to do so above. (Sign-ups are live on January 6 at 12noon central time and due on Monday, January 11 at 5pm central.)

·         Get your influenza vaccine before returning to campus and indicate your compliance on the Forester Commitment.

·         Students should sign the Forester Commitment for Spring 2021 here.

·         Follow CDC guidance to prevent the transmission of the virus always, and especially in the 14 days before coming to campus. Doing so will help keep your peers safe and reduce the changes of testing positive upon arrival.

·         Download and use the #CampusClear medical screening app for 14 days before coming to campus. This will help you get in the habit of doing the screening every morning.

·         Residential students are reminded to pack lightly and prepare a “go bag” to expedite possible moves to isolation or quarantine housing.


In the coming weeks, please watch your Lake Forest College email closely. More information is forthcoming from the Gates Center about New Student Orientation schedules, from Intercultural Relations about First Connection, and from the College regarding general COVID and arrival updates. Thank you!




Andrea B. Conner

Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Lake Forest College


Rosemary House

555 North Sheridan Road

Lake Forest, IL  60045


Pronouns: she / her / hers

Events in Washington, D.C.
Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,


I am still in shock this morning after yesterday’s events in our nation’s capital.  I am sure many of you feel the same way.  My mind is seared by the televised images of armed protestors storming the Capitol and staging an insurrection.


I am in shock but – very sadly – not surprised.  The build-up to yesterday was unmistakable over the past two months.  Politicians, conspiracy mongers, media outlets, fundraisers and fantasists joined to spread and loudly amplify the story of a stolen election, despite the lack of supporting evidence.  Then the President of the United States – sitting atop this powder keg – lit the match when he urged protestors to march to the Capitol.


We have great challenges in this country, including entrenched political divisions, racial prejudice, a struggling economy, and a raging pandemic.  There is trouble all around.  Like many others, I hear echoes of Yeats’ famous poem, The Second Coming:  “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world . . .”


If we are to solve these profound challenges, we must come together to do so.  I believe this with all my heart even though I know how difficult it will be, given the strong emotions, beliefs, and grievances that are animating people today. 


There were early signs of hope last night, as Congress resumed its work after the Capitol was secured.  Several Senators and Representatives – among those who had planned to object to the presidential election certification – abandoned their objections in the wake of the afternoon’s events.  More than one spoke movingly of their need – and responsibility – to join with legislative colleagues, regardless of political affiliation, and move forward with the nation’s urgent business.


Watching and listening to them, I was reminded of this sentence from Lake Forest College’s mission statement:  “We enable students, faculty, trustees, and administrators to solve problems in a civil manner, collectively.”  There can be no better expression of the task that lies ahead for Congress, our government, and our country.  I hope all of us will embrace it.


And as we prepare for the spring semester here at the College, I plan to work hard with all of you to build and maintain a campus community that is the polar opposite of yesterday’s tragic anarchy in Washington, D.C.  I will be glad to see you soon.


Stephen D. Schutt


Lake Forest College

Campus Update and Thanks from President Schutt

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,


Thanks to all of you for your dedication and hard work during this taxing, isolating semester.  I’m grateful for your perseverance through a host of challenges that were unimaginable before the pandemic’s arrival.  To faculty and students, in particular, I thank you for preparing and completing the many remote courses that were required this fall.


Even in this difficult time, there is good news to share as you prepare for the holidays.  Our enrollment next semester will total 1500 students or more, a great success in a year when undergraduate enrollment has declined by more than 7% at other Illinois colleges and more than 4% at colleges nationwide.  Our Admissions Office has also received nearly 3,000 applications and almost 60 early deposits for next fall – outpacing last year’s early deposit total – thanks to the ongoing efforts of our talented admission officers, faculty, staff, coaches, and alumni.  Our special campaign to raise funds to offset coronavirus costs has been similarly successful, raising almost $550,000 to date, more than halfway to our $1 million goal.  The historic Brown Hall project is proceeding on schedule and will be completed by next August.  And three hundred students will start courses next month in the College’s first January term in many years.


A vital development will also help to curb the coronavirus, as the first vaccine to receive emergency approval is starting to be distributed, and a second vaccine is near approval.  Here in Lake County, Illinois, essential workers – including the College’s healthcare staff – should receive the vaccine by January.  The Lake County Health Department expects to expand distribution over the next few months, and it is very possible that vaccines could be available to everyone on campus before the end of April.


The College’s Spring Semester Plan is a careful, comprehensive document that prioritizes the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff, and that benefits from the on-campus experience of peer colleges this fall.  For those who feel anxiety about our forthcoming on-campus spring semester, the lessons from those other colleges should be reassuring.  Until a vaccine becomes available for everyone, the coronavirus will be kept at bay by frequent testing and a strong campus commitment to masks, social distancing, contact tracing, and effective quarantines.  By insisting on those same measures, Lawrence University maintained a positive on-campus testing rate this fall of only one percent, while the rate was 15% in the surrounding community of Appleton, Wisconsin.


Our campus safety in the spring will be enhanced by a relatively small residential population.  Approximately 750 students – only one-half of our total enrollment – currently plan to live on campus, and the vast majority will be in single rooms.  More than 200 other students have decided to take courses entirely remotely without coming to campus.  Our remaining students – who will be non-residential in the spring semester – will commute to campus from their family homes or temporary apartments in the area.  (Note:  commuting students will be tested for the virus as thoroughly and frequently as residential students.  Only fully remote students who do not come to campus at all will be exempt from testing requirements.)


The challenge posed by our low spring residential population is budgetary.  As recently as October, we anticipated that slightly more than 1000 students would choose to live on campus in the spring.  The drop to 750 means the College will lose approximately $750,000 because 250 fewer students than projected will pay room fees.  If those 250 students also decline campus meal plans, then the College will realize additional losses.


This budget shortfall may be exacerbated by a likely increase in the cost of the regular COVID tests that our Spring Semester Plan requires.  A reliable cost estimate should be available by January, and the combination of rising costs and lost room and board revenue may potentially result in a budget deficit of as much as $1.5 million.  It is also possible that the deficit could grow if the federal government fails to provide financial relief that we – and several thousand other colleges and universities – have counted on since September.


Vice President Lori Sundberg and I will work with other senior administrators over the holidays to identify potential cost savings and revenue sources that could help address the likely budget challenge.  Importantly, we do not expect to furlough any current staff, but open staff positions will likely need to remain vacant to reduce salary expenditures.


The scope of our budgetary challenge should be clarified by early-to-mid-January when students’ room and board decisions – and federal funding plans – should be finalized.  The Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet on January 8, 2021 to review and advise on our financial outlook for the spring.  I will also consult with College Council in January, and will keep the campus informed about any significant developments.


In closing, I am confident that our community will respond to the pending budget challenge as successfully as we have navigated through this unique fall semester.  For now, I thank everyone again for your admirable work over the past four months, and wish you peace, rest, and happiness in the coming holidays.


Stephen D. Schutt


Lake Forest College

Student Insurance Announcement

Advertiser's Announcements – PPA Ghana

Student Insurance Announcement



Greetings from Gallagher Student Health, a valued partner of Lake Forest College. This email contains important information about your Health Insurance options.


Beginning December 15, 2020 until January 15, 2021 all Full-Time Undergraduate Students who previously waived enrollment in the student health insurance plan may enroll in the insurance coverage!


Waivers cannot be submitted. This is for Open Enrollment ONLY!


If you previously waived insurance and would like to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) follow the steps to enroll below.


If you previously waived insurance and do not wish to make a change there is nothing you need to do. Your initial waiver will be honored.


The cost for the spring/summer Lake Forest College Student Health Insurance plan is $1,215.00. The coverage runs from January 1, 2021 to August 14, 2021.


Steps to Enroll:

  • Create an Account, if you have not previously done so.
  • Click on ‘Enroll’
  • Complete the Enrollment Form
  • Click ‘Submit’

Please click here to begin your enrollment application.



What changes have been made to the Plan for the 2020-2021 Policy Year?

  • The pharmacy benefits manager changed from Cigna Pharmacy Network to Wellfleet Rx.
  • The Wellfleet formulary has some Prescription refill limits and pre-authorization requirements.


* The information provided above is used as a general summary of benefits. For a detailed plan description, limitations, and exclusions, visit our website.


To learn more about the Student Health Insurance Plan, your school’s insurance requirements and how to waive or enroll, go to  If you plan to waive, your current insurance must be fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act and provide access to doctors near your school. Please note, you should have your health insurance ID Card available.


Voluntary Dental Insurance and Voluntary Vison Insurance is available to all students on the Gallagher website



The Team at Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk

Faculty Vote to Extend Fall P/F Deadline Until January 29

December 10, 2020

Dear Students,

Last week Dean Andrea Conner emailed you an update about the College’s Pass-Fail policies, which included an extension by the Curricular Policies Committee of the fall semester Pass-Fall deadline through tomorrow.

I am pleased to report to you that late this afternoon the faculty voted to further extend the Pass-Fail deadline for fall semester courses until Friday, January 29th. 

For your convenience I have attached the P/F form. Please note two very important instructions regarding submission of this form:

1. Save the form to your computer, fill it out as part of a conversation with your advisor, and email it to your advisor.

2. Your advisor will forward the emailed form to the Registrar’s Office ( with their approval stated in the body of the email. No forms will be processed without advisor approval.

I hope you all have a very safe and restorative break.


R. Scott Schappe
Associate Dean of the Faculty
Professor of Physics
Lake Forest College

CAC Resources to Help You Make the Most of Your Winter Break




Dear Students,

As you look ahead to winter break, after some well-deserved down time, those weeks can provide a really valuable opportunity for you to move forward with career planning for summer or post-graduation. With this in mind, I am reaching out to you today about three important Career Advancement Center resources that can help you make the most of your winter break.

These resources will help connect you to the career guidance, available experiential programs and employment opportunities, and career preparation tools you need to develop a solid action plan to keep you moving toward your career goals.

1.       Checklists for Career Planning over Winter Break: Winter break can be a great opportunity to reflect on your current status with regard to career planning. Not sure which steps to take next? This Handshake resource (as well as others in the Resource Library) can help you to identify a few simple but meaningful steps you can take toward career readiness. For more tips on action steps to take, you can also check out LaSalle Network's "Making the Most of Winter Breakwebinar recording here. 

2.       Career Pathway Newsletters: Check your inbox for your latest newsletter, which was delivered to you earlier today from, filled with available internships and jobs, events, and important announcements tailored to your Career Pathway. These newsletters are the best way for you to stay up to date on what’s going on in the CAC. You will receive a winter break newsletter on Tuesday, Dec. 15, and then every other Tuesday at 11am CT, beginning Jan. 5, 2021. 

In today’s newsletter, learn about experiential programs you can pursue right now, like "The Bridge: Chicago 2020 Program at Upkey “Connecting Chicago to the World and the World to Chicago” (open to all students), a virtual global entrepreneurship and leadership program, focused on Chicago, open to the world, which takes place from December 18–January 15. Within the context of COVID-19, you will explore economic and social recovery for our communities through human-centered design, project-based learning, and a series of micro-internships across various business functions. The deadline to apply is Dec. 14.

Best wishes as you complete your fall semester! Please keep in mind that the Career Advancement Center will have appointments available during the months of December and January as well. Feel free to schedule one with your career advisor via Handshake or by contacting our main office at 847-735-5235 (

Colleen Monks

Director, Career Advancement Center

Lake Forest College | 110 Buchanan Hall | 555 N. Sheridan Road | Lake Forest, IL  60045

(847) 735-5237 |





Projects for Peace $10,000 Grant Applications Due January 15

Hello everyone,

“My challenge to you is to bring about a mindset for preparing for peace, instead of preparing for war.”  Kathryn Wasserman Davis

Upon the occasion of her 100th birthday, international philanthropist Kathryn W. Davis chose to celebrate by committing $1 million to Projects for Peace

Projects for Peace is an initiative for undergraduate students to design grassroots projects for the summer of 2021anywhere in the world—which promote peace and address the root causes of conflict among parties.

We encourage applicants to use their creativity to design projects and employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, building understanding and breaking down barriers that cause conflict, and finding solutions for resolving conflict and maintaining peace. Projects will be selected for funding at $10,000 each.

See all the amazing projects completed in Summer 2019: Projects for Peace Viewbook

Project Proposal Requirements

To be considered, a student (or group of students) must prepare a written statement which includes:

  • A description of the project (who, what, where, how) including expected outcomes and prospects for future impact (not to exceed two pages)
  • A budget (one separate page)
  • IMPORTANT - All project proposals require a heading to include the following: Title of Project (not to change once submitted), the country where the project will take place, sponsoring college, designated project leader name, remaining team member names and schools, date range of project implementation
  • Proposals should have pre-approval of all parties and organizations involved in the project

For more informationProjects for Peace Q&A

Deadline for proposals: January 15, 2020

Process to submit a proposal: Email me [] for the Proposal Submission Form. 

Proposal Selection Process: Recommendations for a winning proposal and an alternative proposal will be made by mid-February, by an on-campus selection committee.  The final decision regarding the funding for the winning and alternative proposals will be made by the UWC Davis Scholars Program by mid-March. The implementation of the project(s) would be Summer 2021.

Please feel free to schedule a meeting with me to discuss ideas or questions!
You can use to find a time that works best for you.




Alexandra (Allie) Olson


Global Engagement Office (GEO)


Schedule an appointment:

847-735-5231 |

College launches video series titled "Choose Anti-racism"

Inspired by Dr. Ibram Kendi’s work of How To Be An Antiracist, Lake Forest College is pleased to launch a video series titled "Choose Anti-racism." This series is a digital library of short educational videos created by College faculty and staff that reflects on each of the chapters from Dr. Ibram Kendi’s work. The videos will be released throughout the year and offer insight on how, as a campus community, we can apply the lessons from each chapter to make Lake Forest College truly anti-racist. 

See the videos>

New and Departed Employees

Lake Forest Colleges welcomes:

Ojhanae Stallworth, Temporary COVID Testing Clinic Staff

Melissa Werntz, COVID Testing Coordinator, Health and Wellness

Diane Benner, Registered Nurse, Health and Wellness

Susana Peszek, COVID Testing Clinic Staff, Health and Wellness

Ojhanae Stallworth, COVID Testing Clinic Staff, Health and Wellness

Ronan Kaiser, Residence Director, Student Affairs

Grace Drake, Temporary Communications Specialist, Alumni and Development

Kristi Kauth, Temporary Data and CRM Specialist, Alumni and Development


Florin Iacob, Maintenance Mechanic, Facilities Management

Owen Hickman, Maintenance Mechanic, Facilities Management

Catherine Bernardi, Associate Director of Engagement, Development and Alumni Relations

Raquel Vescovi, Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach, Athletics


From all of us at the College, best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year! Let us all be the change we want to see in 2021. Enjoy this uplifting message brought to you by our very own Lake Forest College choirs. #ForesterFamily