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Welcome to ForesterNet, the Lake Forest College Intranet for students, faculty, and staff

ForesterNet provides easy access to helpful resources, services, and tools for the campus community. Here you can access your webmail, faculty/staff and student directories, academic and career resources, as well as other important services. You can view the latest campus news, upcoming events, and see what’s on the menu in the Caf.

Note: my.lakeforest continues to house Moodle, important forms, reports, committee minutes, and other password protected information and resources.  


College launches video series titled "Choose Anti-racism"

Inspired by Dr. Ibram Kendi’s work of How To Be An Antiracist, Lake Forest College is pleased to launch a video series titled "Choose Anti-racism." This series is a digital library of short educational videos created by College faculty and staff that reflects on each of the chapters from Dr. Ibram Kendi’s work. The videos will be released throughout the year and offer insight on how, as a campus community, we can apply the lessons from each chapter to make Lake Forest College truly anti-racist. 

See the videos>

Don't miss these Health and Wellness events

Health and Wellness Center 

Wellness Wherever 


Virtual workshops to help you care for yourself  

no matter where you are! 


Log into the waiting room at: 


Tuesdays, 12 PM CT 

Stress Management, Sept 22 

Zoom Fatigue, Sept 29 

Connecting Healthily: Friends, Oct 6 

Connecting Healthily: Family, Oct 13 

Connecting Healthily: Romantic Relationships, Oct 20 


Thursdays, 4 PM CT 

Connecting Healthily: Romantic Relationships, Sept 24 

Sleep Hygiene, Oct 1 

Time Management, Oct 8 

Test Anxiety, Oct 15 

Stress Management, Oct 22 


Consider stopping by

Mindfulness Practices to Reduce Stress

Wednesdays 4 PM CT 



Let’s Talk

Free, drop-in space to talk to a counselor about a specific issue or problem

Mondays at 3pm

Tuesdays at 2pm

Fridays at 11am 



Take minute to follow us on social media so you always know what programs are coming up next.

Instagram: lfchealthandwellness

Facebook: Lake Forest College Health and Wellness Center

Twitter: lfcbewell



Check the following Lake Forest College webpages for additional resources:




Student Information Form on my.lakeforest



We are happy to debut a new feature on my.lakeforest that allows you to update your personal profile in the College’s records. On the Student Information Form, you can do a variety of things:

-          Update your “campus name” field, which allows you to identify a first name other than your legal name, which will then be used in all College correspondence, directory, and class rosters

-          Identify the pronouns that you use

-          Update your home address and cell phone number

-          Change or update your emergency contacts and their contact information

-          Adjust your FERPA privacy options


RETURNING STUDENTS must log in by October 1 to update your record and click that you accept the Financial Agreement at the end of the form. Normally you would have done that during the registration process in late spring which had to change due to transitioning to remote learning in an emergency.


NEW FIRST-YEAR and TRANSFER STUDENTS did this form already in the summer, and are not required to complete the form again at this time.  But, you are welcome to go in and look around, and change or update your profile information at any time.  


Instructions: After you log in to, you’ll see an option on the left called “Student Information Form.”  Here’s a direct link (which will require you to log in with your Lake Forest College user ID and password).


Sending special thanks to the staff in ITS who have helped us make this happen!


Best wishes,



Andrea B. Conner

Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Lake Forest College


Rosemary House

555 North Sheridan Road

Lake Forest, IL  60045


Pronouns: she / her / hers

Voter Registration Information

Dear Lake Forest College Student:


Election Day in the United States is two months away. By the end of the day on November 3, 2020, well over one hundred million American citizens will have cast ballots for President and Vice President, 35 seats in the U.S. Senate, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, as well as statewide and local elections across the country.


We write to urge all eligible voters to participate in this fall's election. As you may know, the rate of voter participation among college-age students, between 18 and 25, is the lowest of any age cohort.  But your vote can make a difference, and especially so in close elections - and all indications suggest that the 2020 national election will be very close indeed.


To be eligible to vote you must be a U.S. citizen, aged 18 by the day of the election, and officially registered to vote with the clerk of your home state or county.  Since election laws are made at the state level, the particular details for registering and voting vary and you need to know the rules and deadlines for your home state. Here is a site where you can go to get information on where and how U.S. citizens can register to vote in your home state: https:


If you are uncertain about either your registration status or current registration address, you can easily verify this information by going to the following site:


If you need help navigating the voter registration and verification processes, and if you need help changing your voting address or with some other registration or voting matter, then feel free to contact us, as we are deputy voter registrars.  If we can't answer your questions, then perhaps we can find someone who can.


Best wishes. Stay safe. And vote!


Jim Marquardt, Associate Professor of Politics (

Carol Gayle, Associate Professor of History (

New and departing employees

September 2020

Departing Employees: 

Tyaira Smith, Residence Director, Student Affairs

Patrick Doggett, Gates Center

What's happening on our (virtual) campus this semester? Lots!

Foresters are as busy as ever and connecting in many exciting ways. Look for new videos each week to see what's happening (virtually) around campus. 

Join us this week to go behind the scenes with the theater department as they produce their weekly Forester Fridays Live and learn how you can get involved in the fun.