Writing Center Services

The Center is dedicated to contributing to a writing culture on and off campus, supporting Lake Forest College student writers in meeting the challenge of college-level writing, and ensuring that faculty members have the resources they need to teach writing effectively and efficiently.

Regular Appointments
A regular appointment is a one-time, as-needed appointment. Any student at the college can schedule a regular appointment throughout the week with any available tutor. In this type of appointment, the tutor can help with a specific writing assignment while also providing the client with general writing skill development.

Walk-In Sessions
Walk-in sessions are assisted on a first come, first-served basis. These sessions are useful to students that have quick questions or require assistance with a smaller portion of their assignment. You might not be placed with a tutor immediately, but we do our best to meet with each student in a timely manner.     

Standing Appointments 
A standing appointment is a weekly appointment scheduled with the same tutor. In this type of appointment, the tutor helps both with individual writing projects and with general writing skill development.

  • This type of appointment is helpful to:
    Students who have several writing intensive courses and are writing several papers at once;
  • Students who need support for learning and practicing the technical skills of writing such as grammar, word choice, and style;
  • Students who lack positive experiences with academic writing and want support for developing ideas throughout a structured writing process.

When to schedule:
Standing appointments should be scheduled before October. With a professor’s and the Director of Writing Programs’ approval, a standing may begin after October in certain cases. All standing appointments must be scheduled by the Writing Center Coordinator.

Cancellation policy:
Standing appointments are cancelled after two absences. The only excused absences are college-approved events, such as Student Symposium Day or a class field trip. Illnesses, study groups, and meetings with professors or coaches are not excused. Please treat this appointment as a class and schedule other meetings around it. 

Professional Tutoring 

The Coordinator of the Writing Center serves as the professional tutor. 

Professional tutoring is necessary when:
A student’s confidentiality is of major concern, such as in remediation of academic honesty or academic probation. Additionally, professional tutoring may be available when:

  • Close monitoring, assessment and communication with college personnel is necessary, such as in meeting certain graduation or other academic expectations;
  • A student lacks sufficient writing experience or confidence to engage effectively with peer tutors.
  • A student is multilingual and needs support in English writing structures and vocabulary proficiency.

Writing Pedagogy Consultation and Course Support

The Director of Writing Programs is available to do the following:

  • Discuss and develop individual writing assignments or a set of assignments for a course;
  • Develop writing materials, such as grading rubrics, assignment descriptions, and peer editing materials;
  • Discuss and develop writing policies for courses;
  • Work with departments in developing writing intensive courses or writing policies;
  • Assess and develop support plans for individual students or advisees;
  • Conduct or assist with in-class writing workshops or presentations;
  • Provide support for trying new writing instructional strategies such as peer- editing workshops, writing conferencing, or in-class discussions about student writing.

Schedule an Appointment
Make an appointment on our online scheduler, call us at x5233, or stop by the Writing Center to schedule an appointment.
How to schedule a Writing Center appointment online.

Standing Appointments
Fill out our self-assessment form and contact the Coordinator of the Writing Center to schedule a standing appointment.