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Fall 2020 Occupancy Update

Recently, the College made the decision to reduce occupancy for at least the Fall 2020 semester in order prioritize the health and safety of our residential students. Per the College’s email, all original Fall 2020 housing contracts have been made null and void, and those assignments will be removed from our system. We are working diligently on crafting a new assignment process for our students still interested in a residential experience. In light of the many questions you probably have, we’ve included a short Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below:

What does reduced occupancy mean?

The College residence halls allow for a certain number of students to live in them. The max occupancy can vary by room type – for example, we call them quad rooms because they can hold 4 people! The occupancy for each room type has been examined and reduced to ensure proper distancing in accordance with CDC guidance for higher education institutions and other relevant policies. This lowers the total number of students we can house on campus for next semester.

What if I signed a housing contract/participated in room selection?

Any signed housing contracts are currently voided. Unfortunately, this also means that any assignments from room selection will also be cancelled. Our office will be making assignments for any residential students we have as we move through the summer.

What are my housing options for next year?

We will be allowing a smaller number of students on campus next semester. We will be prioritizing new students, international and domestic students who live at a great distance from campus, and then seniors. We are also in the process of working with local hotels to provide housing options for students who live too far to commute. We are also loosening the residency requirement and allowing many more students to commute from home if they desire.

What if I have an approved, residential accommodation?

Our office has already begun work with the Office of Disability Services to ensure all accommodations will be met.

Can I preference where I want to live?

We are currently working on new processes that will still take student preferences into consideration for both on-campus and off-campus housing options. Given the necessity of reducing occupancy, certain room types or halls may have more limited options.

Please also note the survey that will be distributed next week asking students to declare their intent regarding their living options for next fall.

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Welcome Home, Foresters!

Beyond enjoying the convenience of living and learning in the same space, students who choose to live on campus get more from their college experience. Growth happens when students actively contribute to the life of the College, engage in learning outside of the classroom, and develop life-long friendships! When a hall becomes your home, the possibilities are limitless. 

Each hall is staffed with a Resident Assistant whose main function is to build community in the residence halls, assist students as they transition to college, and enforce college policies.  Additionally, Residence Life staff provide a variety of fun and educational events for students.

Living on campus allows students to participate in a wealth of activities including: football on the quad, ice cream socials, and late night conversations. Students hang out in the residence hall lounges watching The Big Bang Theory and playing the newest version of Madden NFL. They also spend hours studying chemistry in the McClure lounge, getting math help from their neighbors, and discussing various majors and classes.  

Our Mission

The Office of Residence Life enacts the College’s mission by fostering a residential environment for students that encourages critical thinking, personal development, and meaningful engagement with others of diverse background and thought. (July 2019)

Our Learning Outcomes

Lake Forest College students who participate in Office of Residence Life programs, services, and processes…

  • …will learn how to live, interact, and succeed in a community living environment.
  • …will establish a positive sense of belonging in the campus community.
  • …will be exposed to and gain awareness of individual differences as they engage in a community setting.
  • …will achieve a higher level of student success through access to learning resources and engaging in a residential environment that supports academic goals.

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