Community Standards at Lake Forest

We take great pride in our commitment to shared governance; however, with shared governance comes shared responsibility. As members of the college community, we are all responsible for adhering to the standards of our community, and we should hold each other accountable for doing so.

The administration of the student conduct process is handled through the Office of Student Affairs. The conduct process is designed to help students develop into informed, engaged, and respectful members of the college community. We foster students’ ethical development and personal integrity and promote an environment that balances individual needs and desires against those of the community at large.

The process for adjudication of potential violations of community standards and conduct is outlined in the Student Handbook. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their rights and responsibilities in the process, as well as the College’s policies and community standards. 

The Student Handbook provides information about campus policies, procedures, and resources.  It is updated on an annual basis, before the beginning of each fall semester.

Student Handbook