Center for Academic Success

The mission of the Center for Academic Success is to help students commit to their intellectual and personal growth through maximizing their learning opportunities resulting in on-time graduation and future success.

“We know our students by name.”  This key idea from the College’s mission statement guides our work in the Center.  We take great satisfaction in knowing you from when you first arrive on campus to when you walk onto the graduation stage. 

We personalize all of our advice and guidance. One answer never fits all student situations. We will work with you and with advisors, staff, and faculty to help you address your issues, concerns, or questions.

We believe that no Lake Forest student makes it to graduation totally on their own. We know that Foresters work together in learning partnerships, with mentors, and by building support networks.  We know a lot of people “by name” and can connect you with those who can help.

Guiding your personal growth is just as important to us as guiding your intellectual growth. Usually, what feels like a failure or setback is really just feedback or a “wake-up call” for the next stage of growth. We like to work with students who are experiencing these transitions.

Services for Students:

  • One-on-one academic support: Need help organizing your study schedule? Learning new study techniques? Improve focus/motivation? Building positive relationships with your professors? Understanding your grades?
  • Course schedule and academic policy advice: We will work with you and your academic advisor on short and long-term course planning, application of academic policies and other concerns regarding staying on track for graduation. 
  • Access to tutoring and other campus services: If you are looking for sustained tutoring services in a particular subject, we can help you find them either on campus or off. We can also guide you to other resource offices on campus to address your questions or concerns.
  • Learning accessibility services for students with disabilities: In consultation with our Learning Support Specialist, accommodation plans for testing services, notetaking services, and other forms of instructional support can be written and shared with advisors and professors, giving you the basis for discussions about how you can best address your learning needs.
  • Help building your mentorship team.  We all need a group of people to help us stay on track.  We can help you find others on campus to support you in meeting your personal needs and academic goals.

Come and see us.