First-Year Studies

The resources below will help you better understand your first-year students’ perspectives on writing. In addition, the resources will help you develop sound writing assignments for your First-Year Studies course.

 General Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about how the Writing Center works and how you can best use it to help your FIYS students.

Transitioning: High School to College Writing

An outline of the main differences between how students approach writing in high school and in college.

A list of skills that high school writers will not have developed by their first year in college.

Quotes that reveal misconceptions about the college writing process.

A chart comparing different evaluative standards for high school and college writing.

A list of research-supported practices that benefit first-year writers. 

Standards for FIYS Writing

This rubric was approved by the First-Year Studies Committee and the Writing Committee as the best way to capture standards and expectations for first-year writing at Lake Forest. FIYS faculty use this rubric to make recommendations based on student work for spring registration in College Writing. This rubric is also used to profile student writing progress in the First-Year Studies program for program review and development. 

The rubric includes performance criteria, descriptions of indicators of writing progress, and sample essays that help describe each criterion and indicator of progress. Log on to your Moodle page to view the sample essays. 

FIYS Writing Assignment Development 

Advice on the content, style, frequency, and goals for writing assignments in FIYS courses.

More focused advice on the theory and practice of FIYS writing assignments.  

A list and discussion of practices that might prove detrimental to student progress in FIYS courses. 

Describes ten steps that give professor multiple opportunities for feedback and give the reference librarian a meaningful role in the research process.

Developed by Anna Trumbore Jones, History

Sample FIYS Writing Assignments, Workshops, and Grading Tools

This template includes links to the Writing Center scheduler, Academic Honesty information, citation guides, and a form to email librarians with questions.

Developed by Shubhik DebBurman, Biology

Developed by Davis Schneiderman, English  

A sample FIYS final that is not the traditional end-of-course research paper. Developed by Tracy McCabe, English

A list of questions for students to use to reflect on their own writing process for a paper.

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