Change Your Lake Forest College Password

If You Know Your Current Password

For Employees: Mac Users Password Reset Instructions
If you are using a Mac, please refer to our dedicated knowledge base article for step-by-step instructions on how to reset your password.

Visit and select CHANGE PASSWORD under the key icon.

Password Change Card

If You Have Forgotten Your Password

Use Microsoft's Account Recovery process. This workflow does not require your previous password but may not be eligible if your account was recently created or is missing registration information.

Password Strength Requirements

  • Minimum of 12 characters long
  • Contain three out of four of the following categories:
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Special characters (*&^%$#@!+-_={}[]\|;:'"<>./?~)

Prohibited Password Categories

  • Names of Lake Forest College departments, places, buildings, roads
  • Season names, the year, or days of the week
  • Things associated with the Chicago region
  • Well-known sports teams or their most famous players
  • Local sports team mascots
  • Keyboard walking sequences or predictable/common sequences
  • Other words from the Top 100 most commonly-used passwords

Important Notes

  • Passwords should always be unique. Do not reuse your college password outside of the O365 account provided by Lake Forest College.
  • Reusing a password on multiple sites subjects both you and the college to credential stuffing attacks, where a password exposed in a data breach at one website allows a threat actor to access other accounts which use the same password.
  • Using a high-quality password manager (such as 1Password or Bitwarden) or a built-in feature in your web browser to generate, store, and fill strong and unique passwords can make it easier to have unique passwords for everything.
  • No repeats. You may not reuse an old password used previously at Lake Forest College.
  • Having trouble coming up with a good password? Consult our guide to building long, strong, and unique passwords.