Parking Permit Accommodations

Students with a diagnosed disability or medical condition that significantly impedes their mobility may request a parking permit through the accommodation process with Accessibility Services.

Students must complete a Verification Form and submit documentation from a relevant and licensed medical provider either on the form or email to Students who require parking for appointment related reasons may utilize the city lot.

Requests may take several business days to review. Students will be notified of the outcome of their request. Since vehicles that do not display proper permits are subject to being ticketed, students seeking a parking accommodation are strongly encouraged to obtain permission to park before bringing their car to campus. Temporary permits during the review process will not be provided.  

Students with disabilities who have state handicapped tags or license plates may park in any designated Handicapped Parking space but must apply for a permit to park on campus. Students with temporary disabilities (less than 6 months) should work with their physician for a state approved temporary handicapped tag.