Meet Our Tutors

Fall '21 Writing Center Tutors group photo

Meet Our Tutors

Eva Korb

Eva Korb '22
Major: Communication
Minor: English

Gwen Baker

Gwen Baker '22
Major: Communication

Iman Shepard

Iman Shepard '23
Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry and English

Grace Glascz

Grace Glaszcz '23
Major: International Relations
Minor: Environmental Studies

Mauricio Calderon

Marucio Calderon '24
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: French

Yanna Glaspy

Yanna Glaspy '23
Majors: K-12 Education and Spanish

Emily Mitchell

Emily Mitchell '23
Majors: English/Creative Writing and Education

Whitley Pleas

Whitley Pleas '22
Majors: English and Politics

Reese Reynolds

Reese Reynolds '23
Major: English/Creative Writing

Eric Wendt

Eric Wendt '23
Major: Psychology
Minor: English

Genesis Diaz-Lopez

Genesis Diaz-Lopez '23
Majors: International Relations and Women & Gender Studies

Allison Pieper

Allison Pieper '22
Major: English  — Writing
Minor: Digital Media Design

Jack Farrell

Jack Farrell '24
Majors: English Literature and Philosophy

Emily Wachter

Emily Wachter '23
Major: Studio Art

Jessica Lee

Jessica Li '24
Majors: Finance and Data Science

Sam Bickersteth

Sam Bickersteth '24
Major: Undeclared

Audrey Bailey

Audrey Bailey '22
Majors: Environmental Studies and Spanish

Adam Hartzer

Adam Hartzer '23
Majors: Business Marketing and Creative Media Design