Dean of the Faculty

The Dean of the Faculty Office oversees all departmental and interdisciplinary academic programs, as well as off-campus studies and the College’s Center for Chicago Programs.


Tara Natarajan

Tara Natarajan
Krebs Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of the Faculty

Chief Academic Officer

Don Meyer

Don Meyer
Associate Dean of the Faculty for Student Success
Professor of Music

  • Supervises the Center for Academic Success
Gizella Meneses

Gizella Meneses
Associate Dean of the Faculty
Director of the Office of Faculty Development
Professor of Spanish and Latin American and Latinx Studies

  • Director of the Office of Faculty Development
  • Director of First-Year Studies
  • Transfer student registration (partnering with Admissions)
  • Assessment oversight
  • Mellon Humanities 2020 Grant management
Matt Kelley

Matthew Kelley
Associate Dean of the Faculty
Professor of Psychology


  • Global Engagement Office (GEO)
  • Center for Chicago Programs
  • Summer Programs

Fran Pease 
Assistant Dean of the Faculty for Operations 

  • Coordinator of faculty affairs including hiring searches, department reviews and the College Catalog
  • Budget management and expense reimbursement
  • Director of Commencement
Ravi Agarwal

Ravi Agarwal
Chief Information Officer

Dominique Allion 
Executive Assistant to the Provost 
Christina Lounsbury
Administrative Assistant

Other Areas of Oversight