Group Therapy

The Health and Wellness Center is proud to offer group therapy to help students improve their well-being and achieve their goals.

If you are curious whether group is a good fit for you, know that nearly anyone can benefit from group! Below you can see our current group offerings and read more about group therapy. You can also view our Group Therapy Brochure for additional information about our groups.

Fall 2022 Group Therapy

Connecting with Self and Others Group

Do you want to improve your relationships or feel better about yourself? Are you interested in connecting in a deep and meaningful way with others? Are you noticing a pattern in your experiences that you’d like to change or understand better? Would you like honest feedback about how you relate to others? These interpersonal process groups will provide a supportive space to explore your feelings, connect with others, and practice new behaviors that can ultimately lead to more fulfilling relationships and increased confidence/comfort with yourself.

Date and Time To Be Determined

International Student Therapy Group

This group is open to all international students. It is a safe and confidential space to discuss topics related to immigration, cross-cultural adjustment, minority stress, academic performance, interpersonal relationships, and other essential aspects of your life. Members have the opportunity to receive mutual support from other international students, form meaningful connections, and learn ways to foster their adaptation process in a host country.

Date and Time To Be Determined

If you would like to learn more or are interested in joining these groups, please call the Health and Wellness Center at 847-735-5240, email, or schedule a Counseling Intake Appointment through the:

Lake Forest Student Health Portal