Make an Appointment

One-Time Appointments

Students can make a one-time appointment at the SRC by using the online scheduler. Each session is approximately 50 minutes long. Paired tutoring (two students per tutor) will be available for students who are receiving tutoring for the same course at the same time. All paired tutoring sessions must be approved by an SRC tutor. Make a one-time appointment here.

Standing Appointments

Students can request weekly standing appointments for either one-on-one or paired tutoring by completing this form or by contacting the SRC Coordinator (Peyton Schrag; Approval for these appointments is based on availability and need.

Walk-In Appointments

Students can make a walk-in appointment at the SRC during operating hours if a tutor is available. Walk-in appointments are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Availability is not guaranteed. Priority will be given to any one-time or standing appointments before determining availability for a walk-in appointment.