Intercultural Advisory Group

The Intercultural Advisory Group (IAG) is a group of students, faculty, and staff commissioned by the President to:

  • Provide an institutional forum to address issues of cultural diversity such as (but not limited to)race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, nationality, class, and religion;
  • Consult or meet as necessary with campus committees such as the Enrollment Committee, the Faculty Diversity Recruitment Subcommittee and other pertinent committees or College Administrative staff concerning such issues. 
  • Provide advice and counsel to the President on such issues, and on ways and means to enhance and enrich intercultural relations on campus.

The IAG monitors the College’s initiatives, programs and practices relating to intercultural relations and diversity, and discusses concerns, if any, that may arise about those initiatives, programs and practices.  The IAG will be interested in, among other things, the recruitment and retention of students, ways in which the College’s curriculum can foster intercultural awareness, diversity in the College’s faculty and staff, and the student, faculty, and staff experience as it relates to issues of culture and diversity.

The IAG will meet with the President during the first month of every semester to review the state of cultural diversity at the College.  Additional meetings with the President will be scheduled as needed, at the request of the Chair.  Before the close of every academic year the IAG will prepare and deliver to the President an advisory report on the state of intercultural relations on campus, highlighting particular areas of progress and/or concern.

Appointed annually by the President, the IAG will include up to two students recommended by the Executive Board of Student Government (Executive Board members are ineligible for this appointment); up to three additional students recommended by the Director of Intercultural Relations from intercultural student groups such as United Black Association, Latinos Unidos, International Student Organization, Asian Interest Group and Pride Lake Forest; two faculty members; one staff member; the Assistant Director of the Office of Intercultural Relations; and the Director of the Office of Intercultural Relations, who serves as chair.