Ticket Appeal Process

The ticket appeal process allows an individual the opportunity to dispute a ticket believed to have been issued in error. To accomplish this, an on-line appeal form must be submitted before the end of the semester during which it was issued.

Once the ticket appeal form is submitted, it is reviewed by the Director of Public Safety who will make the final determination and provide notification of his decision.  Appeals submitted by students during the academic year are first reviewed with a student-led Ticket Appeal Advisory Group (TAAG) who then provide their recommendation to the Director of Public Safety whether to grant or deny the appeal.  The Director will make the final determination and notify the individual who submitted the appeal of his decision. 

For any appeal to be successful, the petitioner must demonstrate that some type of exceptional circumstance beyond their control (such as having been hospitalized) or, that the ticket was issued in error by the Officer.

Please Note

The following reasons will not be considered as acceptable justification to grant an appeal:

  • Being unaware of Lake Forest College parking policies
  • Being late for class or a meeting
  • Not having time to come to Public Safety to obtain a temporary or permanent permit
  • Being told by someone other than Public Safety where you may or may not park, or whether a permit is needed
  • Being unable to afford to pay the ticket

A full description of the parking rules and regulations policy is also available through the Department of Public Safety.