Emergency and Safety Response Plans

We have developed a number of Emergency and Safety Response Plans designed to provide you with important  information as well as how we handle critical situations. We have also developed a quick reference guide for your information.

Our Fire Response Plan provides important information regarding general fire safety as well as “what to do in case of a fire.”  Our Environmental Health & Safety Program provides useful information on topics such as electrical safety, exposure control for bloodborne pathogens, and personal protective equipment. Our Hazard Communication Plan provides information related to hazard evaluation procedures, Material Safety Data Sheets, and container labeling.  Our Chemical Hygiene Plan provides policy and procedure for safe operations in our laboratories. Finally, our Emergency Operations Plan provides a framework on how we effectively and efficiently respond to and manage major emergencies and disasters that may affect us.

We hope you will become familiar with them at your earliest convenience.

Orientation to our Active Shooter Response Options

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to view this presentation, which explains the dynamics of active shooter incidents, response options each individual has if faced with such a threat, and how these options can be used anywhere.

This 11-minute presentation includes an embedded video that requires audio capability.


To view this presentation, you must log in to my.lakeforest where Students should find and click on the “Students” tab and then click on “Safety” in the red sidebar on the left.  Then, click where instructed to view the presentation.  Faculty & Staff should select the “Administration” menu at the top of the screen, and then select Safety in the red sidebar on the left. You might need to enable content depending on your browser.

Did you know …

Our Emergency Operations Plan is designed to be consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) established by Federal Emergency Management Agency.