Event Posting: Policies and Processes

Before scheduling an event, please check the campus calendar and religious holidays to ensure you are avoiding conflicts.  

College events are broken down into two audiences, public and internal.  

Public Events
  • Appear on the main calendar of events: Lake Forest College Calendar
  • These include front-facing events that may interest or serve the community beyond the College.  
  • These events also serve to showcase the life and appeal of the College to prospective students (and parents) 
  • Events in this category include lectures, art galleries, concerts, athletic events
Internal Events
  • Appear on the intranetForesterNet
  • These events are specific to current students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Events in this category include workshops for faculty, networking opportunities, informational sessions 

Important Event Details 

  • Name of event 
  • When (Date and time)  
  • Where the event takes place (online or physical location. We do not post zoom links) 
  • Information – Who is hosting? Who is it for? What is it about? OCM will use this info to create an event description if one is not provided. 
  • Any images or posters. PDFs can be included in the event, but can not be used for a photo. Please send .png or .jpg versions along with any PDFs. 

Where events appear online

  • Public events – Calendar of Events (COE) on lakeforest.edu and ForesterNet 
  • Office of faculty development events – ForesterNet and OFD page event trays 
  • Admissions – on the admissions pages and respective applicable subpages 
  • Departmental events – on department page (if applicable)  
  • Athletics – COE
  • Others on a case-by-case basis