The Lake Forest College Brand

The Lake Forest College brand represents who we are. In order to maintain the integrity of our brand, it’s important that we represent the College with a clear and consistent identity.

The resources and guidelines below have been developed to help you create clear and engaging communications that bring our brand to life for all of our audiences. You must follow the brand rules provded in the Brand Book for any communications that represent the College.

Make It Lake Forest

Make It is the marketing communication theme for Lake Forest College. It is both a call to action and a pledge.

A Call to Action

Make It: Succeed
Make It encourages prospective students to seek success in their pursuits on campus and in their careers ahead.

Make It: Customize
Make It invites students to customize their experiences at Lake Forest College, from devising unique courses of study to engaging in a myriad of extracurricular activities.

Make It: Contribute
Make It urges each student to contribute their singular influence to the vivid dynamic of Lake Forest College.

A Pledge

Make It is ultimately a pledge from the faculty, administration, and alumni that every resource of Lake Forest College is committed to helping every student realize their dreams and achieve their goals, on campus and in life.

Logos vs. Text Treatments

Lake Forest College does not give each department its own logo because each department  falls under the brand identity of the official College logo. Our logo is one of our most sacred assets and we need to guard against anything that detracts from a unified visual representation of the College. 

We can offer certain initiatives or committees or events their own visual identities because these can require some visual explanation. While still falling under the College identity and logo, internally they have something that unifies that committee, event, etc. Any new visual or text treatment created for these purposes would go alongside the official College logo as a stand-alone graphic.

If you do want to order graphics or text treatments, please submit this form with Visual Communications for whatever products you’re interested in creating. VisCom can help you with pricing and vendor sourcing if you need that assistance as well. The Office of Communications and Marketing will be happy to manage any and all design work needed—design hours are not billed so you don’t have to worry about that!

Resources and Tools