Services for Students with Disabilities

At Lake Forest College, we believe that all of our students with disabilities are required to have an equal opportunity to access and benefit from our programs and services. Disability Services coordinates accommodation services for students with disabilities. We pride ourselves on making the accommodations process as seamless as possible.

Provide Documentation

The first step is to complete and submit the  Verification of Need for Accessibility Services form. You may also submit testing results, IEPs, and 504 plans with the Verification form.

Mail Documentation to

Mail Stop: Disability Services
Lake Forest College
555 N. Sheridan Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045

The word on campus about Disability Services

“When I started requesting proctored exams, I expected a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy, but the reality was that it is surprisingly easy. I’m also self-conscious about needing proctored exams; however, after my meetings with my professors and everyone a part of the process I realized I didn’t need to be. Everyone just wanted me to succeed.”
—Lake Forest College student, Class of 2020

“I know I can always count on the Center for Academic Success to offer the support my students need to thrive. The testing center has always been flexible and accommodating of my course needs, and the difference this makes in the success of many of my students is quite telling! I appreciate that my students feel heard and supported and are provided with all the tools they need to succeed.”
—Professor Flavia Barbosa, Assistant Professor of Biology

“Through the dedicated support of Disability Services, I have been able to receive peer notes every day after class! As someone with processing difficulties, the notes are an effective way to learn to the best of my ability.” —Lake Forest College student, Class of 2022