Student Computing

We're here to help with all of your technology needs!

This page provides important information about connecting to the College network and accessing academic technology resources both on and off-campus.

Call or email the ITS Service Desk for technology assistance and referrals.

Getting Connected

Q: How do I connect my personal computer on campus?

A:  All campus buildings offer wireless access.  Students connect to the "ForesterNET" by using their College credentials.  Guests may also use the wireless network by connecting to "ForesterNET," selecting the "Guest Signup" option, and following the instructions.
Many dorms have wired connection options as well upon request. To inquire about a wired network connection, contact the Service Desk at x5544 or

Q: How do I access my College email account?

A: The address for student email is Call the Service Desk at x5544 if you don’t have your user name and password. (Off-campus callers: call 847-735-5544.) All students are required to check their College email accounts on a regular basis.

Q: How do I change my network/email password?

A: Go to and follow the prompts. You will also be able to reset your password by calling the Service Desk as long as you have enrolled and set-up your three security questions.
Reach the Service Desk at or x5544 from a campus phone or, from off-campus or from a cell phone, call 847-735-5544 if you encounter any difficulties.

Q: What is My.Lakeforest?

A: The Lake Forest College portal,, allows you to register for classes, check your course schedule and grades, and pay your College account.

Q: What is Moodle and what can I do with it?

A: Moodle ( is the College's learning management system. Moodle allows instructors to share course content and post assignments, and serves as the hub for students to upload their work and get feedback from professors.

Q: Where can I get help with my computer?

A: Reach the Service Desk at x5544 or to get help with questions about computer use or how to get connected to the College network.

Q: Where do I go for help when my computer is broken?

A: Although ITS staff do not repair student-owned hardware, we can help with network and troubleshoot other issues. You can bring your computer to the Service Desk in Room 137 on the main level of Donnelley and Lee Library Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. When in operation, the campus shuttle goes to the CDW in Vernon Hills and to Northbrook Mall where there is an Apple Store.


How do I print?
When at one of the computers in the 24 Hour Lab, Reference Area, or any computer lab on campus:

  1. Select print from the program’s menus.
  2. After the job looks like it has printed, open a web browser,
    go to and login.
  3. Click Jobs Pending Release to see your print job along with the number of pages and the cost of the job. If the job is not there right away, wait a few seconds and click refresh.
  4. When your print job(s) appear, click "print" for the jobs you would like to print.

Can I print from my laptop?

  • Lake Forest students, faculty, and staff may print to a 24 Hour Lab printers from laptops or other devices.
  • Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, .txt, PDF, and most image files that are saved to your laptop can be printed via Webprint.
    Google Docs or other web files must first be saved or exported to your laptop as a file that you can upload.
    Ask at the Service Desk for help with this.
  • A maximum of 10 copies can be Webprinted at a time.
  • It is not possible to print in color from your laptop.

To print from your laptop via Webprint:

  1. Go to and log in with your College network username and password.
  2. Click Web Print.
  3. Click Submit a Job.
  4. Click one of the buttons for single- or double-sided printing.
  5. Click the button labeled "2. Print Options and Account Selection."
  6. If you want to print more than one copy, change the number in the box, then click the button labeled "3. Upload Document."
  7. Browse to the document, then click the button labeled "Upload & Complete."  Repeat these steps for any other documents you wish to print.
  8. On the left, click Jobs Pending Release.
  9. On the next page, click "print" for the jobs you would like to print.
  10. Your printout will be in the 24 Hour Lab.

Do I have to pay to print? What about color printing?

  • You only have to pay if you go over your allotted number of pages. 
    • You start each fall semester with $15 or 300 sheets (not color).
      Another $15 is added at the start of the spring semester, for a total of $30 for the academic year.
      Printing accounts balances are reset to zero at the end of spring semester.
    • Summer students have $7.50 or 150 sheets (not color) for the first term.
      Another $7.50 is added for the second term.
      Printing accounts balances are reset to zero at the end of summer.
  • For basic, black-ink printing, $0.05 is charged to your account for each page.
    Double-sided printing (which is the default) costs $0.025 per side, or $0.05 for 2 sides.
    • To print single-sided, change the selected printer to LibLab1Single, LibLab2Single, LibRef1Single, or LibRef2Single.
    • To print in color, change the selected printer to LabColor or RefColor.
      The cost is $0.35 per side for color printing, or $0.70 for 2 sides.
  • Visual Communications on the lower level of the library also has digital color printers and printing in color costs $0.25 per side. They also offer poster printing services; pricing is based upon size.

How do I check my printing account balance?
Open a web browser and go to and login.

I have printed my allotted number of pages. What now?

  1. Students can add money to their printing accounts in any amount at the Reference Desk, using cash or check. 
    Money can also be added at the Business Office ($5.00 minimum).
    Money can also be added online by credit/debit card by using the College’s e-commerce site.
  2. After money has been deposited, an IT staff member will manually transfer that money to your printing account.
    If you need these funds made available to print right away, go to  the Reference Desk or the Service Desk to share your e-commerce receipt.

Can I print on both sides of the sheet? How do I print single-sided?

  • The printers in the library print on both sides of the sheet by default. This will cost $0.025 per side, which is $0.05 per 2-sided page.
  • An instructor may require assignments printed one-sided; be sure to ask before printing assignments two-sided.
  • To print single-sided, change the selected printer to the single-sided option, (e.g., LibLab1Single, LibLab2Single, LibRef1Single, or LibRef2Single.) This will cost $0.05 per page.

I have a problem. Whom do I call?
You can ask for help at the ITS Service Desk on the main floor of the library. If no one is available, please reach out to the Service Desk at or x5544 from a campus phone or 847-735-5544 from off campus or from a cell phone.

Labs & Network Storage Space

Q: What programs and equipment are available for student use on campus?

A: Computer lab workstations have Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and an array of software packages specific to academic programs. You have the option to install or access some software packages on your own computer. Click on the Software link below to learn more.

Q: Where should I save documents or backup documents?

A: When you are working in the computer labs, save your files to the "My Documents" folder. This folder is backed up each day and is a very reliable place to store your documents and files. Do not leave your documents on the Desktop—they will be deleted.
Alternatively, you can save your documents to your OneDrive space. 
OneDrive Basics

Q: How do I log into my space on the server?

A: Log on to any computer at one of the library's computer labs and click on the "My Documents" folder located on the desktop. The "My Documents" folder is your personal network storage space.
You can also access your personal network storage from your own computer by following this documentation.

Q: How do I access my recycle bin on the network?

A: Deleted files and documents saved to the Desktop of lab computers are permanently removed. If you delete something, it's gone.

Q: How long are my files kept on the network?

A: Files remain in students' storage areas as long as they are enrolled at the College.

Q: Why do I occasionally get disconnected from the College network?

A: Call the Service Desk at x5544 to troubleshoot your network connection. Off-campus, call 847-735-5544 and ask to be connected to the Service Desk.

Student Software Access

While not all academic software licenses allow for student remote access, those that can are detailed below.

Available Software Installers and Online Access:
Virtual Applications

The College is making many academic applications available through a virtual application server. The directions below will allow you to run these applications remotely without installing them on your own computer.

ITS Service Desk

Donnelley and Lee Library, Rm 137
555 N. Sheridan Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045

On-campus: x5544
Off-campus: 847-735-5544