Arrive North Shore Apartments

Arrive North Shore is minutes away from Lake Michigan, the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve, and a collection of the best North Shore shops and restaurants.

Juniors and Seniors at the College have the opportunity to reside at the nearby Arrive apartment complex in the highly desirable Highwood neighborhood.

3-person and 4-person units are available and include a full kitchen, common living space, air conditioning, and more. The apartment complex also has an on-site fitness facility, business center, and other common amenities. The complex is within walking distance of the Metra train station and a college shuttle will also be available for students to get to campus.  

If you are interested in requesting an apartment, please make sure that you and all members of your apartment roommate group submit a Specialty Housing Request Form, available now in the housing portal. Please note that both the Campus Apartments and Arrive North Shore are only available to students who completed a 2023-2024 Housing Application prior to June 1st, 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Arrive apartments located?

The address to the complex is 624 Sheridan Rd, Highwood, IL 60040. 

How much would it cost to live here?

Students electing to reside in the nearby Arrive apartments will pay $8,200 annually ($4,100 per semester), the same as the premium room rate at Lake Forest College. The total cost also covers utilities and WiFi. 

The College will contract with Arrive and cover all deposit and application fees. Students will pay for housing through their Lake Forest College bill the same way as if living on campus, and a student’s Financial Aid package would remain the same. 

What amenities are available?

Students have access to all of the amenities at Arrive including the state-of-the-art fitness center, grilling stations and fire pits, Business Center, and laundry facility. 

What is the timeline for moving in and out of the apartment?

The Arrive apartments will be open to the students living there for the duration of the academic year, including Winter Break at no extra cost! Move-in dates will be assigned by the Office of Residence Life, but approved early arrivals will also be accommodated whenever possible. Students will follow the same move-out timeline as residential halls on campus. 

What policies do I need to follow?

Students must abide by all policies set forth by Arrive as well as those covered in the Student Handbook.  

Will there be transportation available to campus?

A limited shuttle will be provided to transport students to and from campus. Students can also purchase a commuter parking pass.

The Arrive complex is also a 17-minute walk from the Fort Sheridan Metra Train Station for those interested in riding the Metra and close to the Grand Illinois Bike Trail that connects Highwood to downtown Lake Forest.

Will the apartment be furnished?

Lake Forest College will provide all bedroom furniture including a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and closet or armoire. Students residing at Arrive will also receive a $250 rebate for either refunding their commuting parking pass OR to help furnish their apartment beyond the provided bedroom furniture.

Will I need to keep my current residential meal plan?

Students may opt out of the campus meal plan if they so choose, or enjoy the convenience of eating on campus by purchasing a residential meal plan or a commuter meal plan.

Will I need to sign a lease?

No. The College is managing all leases at Arrive. Students are expected to reside at Arrive the entire academic year (or the duration of your Housing Contract). Students will not need to vacate the apartments over Fall Break, Winter Break, or Spring Break. Students will need to move out for the summer including removing all personal belongings.

How will I get my mail?

Students can continue to receive mail and packages on campus at Mail Services.