Housing Selection

During the spring semester each year, returning students will participate in our Room Selection processes in order to select their residence hall rooms for next fall.

The information below provides an overview of the Room Selection processes. If you have additional questions, please contact your Residence Director or the Office of Residence Life at reslife@lakeforest.edu.

Important Dates
  • 2023-2024 Housing Contract Available - February 27, 2023

  • Housing Contract Closes - March 19, 2023 at 11:59pm

  • General Room Selection - April 1 - April 7, 2023

Order of Operations
  1. Complete your housing contract(s).
  2. Form a rommate group if you intend to select a double, triple or quad.
  3. Pick your room during your assigned room selection time.
Returning Student Housing Contract

Students who wish to participate in the room selection process for 2023-2024 must complete the online housing contract. The housing contract is available in the MyHousing portal. After logging in using College computing credentials, the contract will be posted under the Contracts and Applications section when it is available.

To participate in the online selection process, applications must be completed by Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 11:59 pm Central Time.     Please carefully review the contract before signing. The contract is legally binding and covers the entire 2023-2024 academic year. 

REMINDER: Students who are participating in an off-campus program in Fall 2023  should not complete this housing contract. If you are returning to campus in Spring 2024, you will sign the housing contract during the Fall 2023 semester.

Room Types

Returning students who complete the 2023-2024 Housing Application will have the option of selecting a room in any of our residence halls, except for Cleveland-Young International Center, which requires a seperate applicaiton to be eligible for that location.  Please review information about our Residence Halls as you consider your options for room selection.

Cleveland-Young International Center

Students who are interested in the opportunity to participate in the living experience at Cleveland Young International Center should contact the Office of Residence Life for more information. A separate application is needed in addition to the general housing contract. The Cleveland-Young International Center application will be available on the My Housing portal and must be submitted by  Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 11:59 pm Central Time. 

Room Selection Times

Selection times for all Room Selection processes are determined by cumulative completed credit hours as determined by the Registrar. Credit hours in progress are not considered; however, credit hours that are transferred in do count toward the total.

Students with the same number of credit hours will be assigned a selection time according to a random, computerized placement. Students will be emailed when selection times are available in the My Housing portal - typically 3-5 days before selection begins.

Residency Requirement

All first, second, and third-year students are required to live on campus unless they meet one or more of the stated exemption requirements:

  • Live at home with parent/guardian within 30 road miles of the College;
  • Age 23 or older;
  • Have dependent children;
  • Are married;
  • Active members of the armed forces; or
  • Have completed 24 Lake Forest College credits or more (not including AP or IB credits).
If you wish to apply for exemption from the residency requirement, you will need to complete a Residency Requirement Exemption Request form and submit it to reslife@lakeforest.edu. Please be aware that the residency requirement may only be appealed before a housing contract is signed.
Roommate Selection & Matching

By navigating to the "Room and Roommate Selection" section of MyHousingPortal, students are able to request specific roommates or create an online profile to search for a compatible roommate based on living preferences.  Roommates must be requested AND accepted in the Housing Portal in order to be honored.

Students are permitted to pull other students into a room with them. The group should plan to use the best selection time in the group (the earliest selection time is the best). Because room selection can be unpredictable in terms of what rooms and halls will fill up first, you are encouraged to make several plans before your selection time. This includes how a roommate group will divide if a particular space is not available. 

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Please review the Residence Hall details to view which halls provide gender inclusive housing options. Roommate groups may be of mixed genders, which will allow the group to pick any gender inclusive rooms available at the time of selection. 

Special Needs Accommodation Process

Students with certain approved residential accommodations have the opportunity to be pre-assigned space on campus by the Office of Residence Life. Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a completed housing contract on file for the upcoming academic year
  • And have an approved residential accommodation on file for a specific room type, bathroom/kitchen access, air conditioning, or mobility need.

All eligible students will be emailed by Residence Life after the housing contract closes. If a student does not wish to participate in this pre-assignment process, they must opt out by submitting an email to Residence Life indicating this choice.

Students seeking an approved accommodation should visit the Office of Disability Services web page. 

Room Rates

Lake Forest College uses differential pricing for housing costs. This means that your housing cost will be determined by the specific room that you livei n. Please be mindful of the room rate during room selection. Click Here to see the room rates for 2023-2024. 

>>Click Here for Room Selection Frequently Asked Questions