Hall Closing

Fall Semester Closing

The residence halls close for Winter Break on December 15, 2023, at 12:00pm CT. Students must depart campus by this time unless they have registered for Winter Housing. In preparation for hall closing, students should take the following steps to prevent issues over the break period:

  • All windows and doors must be closed on locked. 
  • All trash and perishable items must be removed and thrown away in the dumpster. 
  • Students should unplug any unused electronics while they are away from the hall. Refrigerators should remain plugged in unless they have been emptied and cleaned. 
  • Temperature controls should be left 'On' and placed on the lowest setting to prevent the room from getting too cold over break.

Student rooms will be subject to Health and Safety Inspections once after the residence halls close and again during the Winter Break period to ensure rooms are secure and free of issues. The residence halls will reopen on January 15, 2023, at 9:00 am. 

Spring Semester Closing

The residence halls will close for the end of the academic year on May 9, 2024, at 12:00pm CT. Students who are graduating and participating in Commencement can remain in the halls until 12:00pm CT on May 12, 2024. 

All residents who are departing campus are required to check out of their space with a member of the Residence Life staff. Students will sign up for a check out meeting with their Resident Assistant to ensure the following steps have been taken: 

  • Refrigerators must be unplugged, cleaned out, and free of perishable items
  • All trash should be removed and thrown away in the dumpster
  • Windows must be closed and locked
  • Blinds should be left up
  • Lights must be turned off 
  • Residents should return their key to the staff member, signing and dating the key envelope
  • The room should be cleaned and swept. Residents checking out before their roommates are still responsible for the cleanliness of the room and should make a cleaning plan with their roommates. 

Students are expected to sign up for check-out at least 24 hours in advance. Students must also check out and vacate the residence halls within 24 hours of their last final. 

Damage Inspections, Charges, and Appeals

After the residence halls have closed, Residence Director staff will inspect all vacant rooms for damages. All damages noted will be compared against any Room Condition Reports submitted for the room. Students with documented damages will receive notification of any charges; those charges will be communicated with Student Accounts after a student is notified.

Students will have the opportunity to appeal any charges assigned during this process. Appeals should include information about which specific charges you are appealing and why the charge is not applicable. All appeals must be submitted via email. Please note that each individual student must appeal their charges; appeals cannot be submitted on behalf of a group of roommates.