Resident Resources

We have compiled a variety of resources that we think you might find useful as you transition to campus living.

Important Dates

August 24, 2023- First Day of Classes

October 16 & 17, 2023- Fall Break

November 22-24, 2023- Thanksgiving Break

December 15, 2023- Residence Halls close at noon

January 14, 2024- Residence Halls open at 9:00 am

March 11-15, 2024- Spring Break

May 9, 2024- Residence Halls close at noon for non-seniors

May 12, 2024- Residence Halls close for seniors

Guest Registration

In order to host a guest in your room, your guest needs to first register themselves with the College. They can do so by filling in their information, including their vehicle information, on  this form. Once registered, you will be able to search them in the Housing Portal and create a virtual Residence Life Guest Pass for them. All guests must be registered and have an active virtual Residence Life Guest Pass. 

Steps to Create a Virtual Residence Life Guest Pass

  1. Your guest registers themselves with the College using the Visitor Registration Portal.
    1. Any guest parking a car on campus must input their vehicle information here. Once your guest completes their registration, they will be prompted to verify their registration by clicking a link sent to their email.
    2. Once they confirm their registration, you’ll be able to search for them in our Housing Portal! Please note that your guests mobile phone number will be their main identifier.
  2. You create a virtual Residence Life Guest Pass. Log on to the Housing Portal select Residence Life Guest Pass.
    1. From this new menu, you’ll be able to see all active, upcoming, and expired passes. To create a new pass, select that option and then search for your guest by their phone number. 
    2. Once found, select whether this guest needs a day or overnight pass, adjust the dates to match your guest’s arrival and departure; leave the default times as they are. Review and agree to the visitor policy information and then select Create Visitor Pass.
    3. Your guest will receive a text message at the number they’ve entered confirming that their guest pass has been created.

As you consider hosting guests this academic year, please remember:

  • Guests may only be hosted up to 72 hours per month (or 3 overnights)
  • All roommates must consent for a guest to stay in the room
  • You are responsible for the behavior of your guest and may be held responsible if your guest violates any College policy
  • Residence Life staff, including Residence Directors and Resident Assistants, and Public Safety Officers may ask to see your guest’s virtual Residence Life Guest Pass at any point during your guest’s visit to verify their identity

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my guest doesn’t receive an email confirmation link or the link doesn’t work?

Please check your email’s spam/junk folder as the automated message may have accidentally been screened. If your guest receives their link and it doesn’t work, you may email and we will work with your guest to ensure they’re registered appropriately.

What time do I need to have my guest registered by?

Your guest can register themselves at any time with the College by following this linkand completing the registration form. Remember that guests must confirm their registration once their form is submitted. We ask that your virtual Residence Life Guest Pass be created at least 24 hours in advance of the visit.

Do I have to register my guest if they don’t have a car?

Yes. It’s important for campus safety and security that all guests are registered with the College.

What happens if I don’t register my guest?

If you host a guest without registering them, you may be referred through the College’s conduct process.

Does this mean I can’t host someone more than three times a month?

You may only host guests up to 72 hours a month, which is three overnight visits per month. You may host more than one guest at a time; please be mindful of your room’s capacity. For a full explanation of our guest policy, please review the Student Handbook online at  

Are other Lake Forest College students considered guests?

While other residential students do not need to be registered as a guest, you should always have the consent of your roommate before inviting someone else to the room. Commuting Lake Forest College students are considered guests to the residence halls and should be registered as outlined.

Additional Questions? Please contact

Work Orders

Is there something in your room that needs to be fixed? You can submit a work order online via the housing portal to have a member of our Facilities Management crew come out and make the repair. The work order system is not monitored after business hours; please call the RA on duty for emergency work orders. 


laundry directions

(click on the image to open a larger version)

Caldwell & Gregory provides washers and dryers for the residence halls.  Download The Speed Queen App, create your account using your LFC email, add your Location PIN (BOOMER), locate your laundry room, add funds using your debit or credit card, and get started! If you want to check availability of washers or dryers in your hall, check the app!

Fridge-Micro Unit, and Refrigerator Rental

fridge closedfridge open by Collegiate Marketing provides fridge-micro units, and refrigerator rentals for Lake Forest College students.

Microwaves attached to the fridge-micro units are permitted in all residence halls. Individual microwave units are not permitted in any resident room. All residence halls have at least one communal microwave available for resident use. Order your fridge-micro unit here!

Linens Program

For your convenience, we have partnered with powered by Dormify to provide an easy, affordable way to purchase Twin XL bedding, dorm storage solutions, and everything else you'll need (and want) for your new home away from home. Please visit to get move-in day ready and create your dream dorm!

Renters’ Insurance

We recommend purchasing renters’ insurance if your belongings are not covered under your parents’ homeowners’ insurance.

National Student Services, Inc. provides a low-cost option for covering students’ personal belongings in case of theft, fire, or accidental damage.

Because renters’ insure is a specific kind of homeowners’ insurance, renters’ insurance can also be purchased through more traditional insurance companies. has weighed the value of many insurance brands.  Explore and the four insurance companies they have identified as the best for renters’ insurance.


Lake Forest College does not offer any on campus storage options over break periods, and all belongings must be moved out of student rooms at the time of checkout.  If students would like to rent a storage unit off campus, there are many local vendor options.  Some vendors offer a pod-style storage where a pod/portable storage unit is dropped off to campus for loading, then removed and stored before being dropped off and unloaded when students return to campus.  Please note that drop-offs and pick-ups of this nature are allowed but need to follow the process listed below.  Please note that this is just in reference to drop-off and pick-up for loading and unloading, but units are not able to be stored on campus during any break period. 


Portable Storage Unit Requirements

  1. Unit must fit in a standard parking space with exterior dimensions no larger than 5 ft wide by 8 ft long.
  2. Operator/Vendor must not require a parking space on either side of the unit to be blocked when being dropped off.
  3. The Operator/Vendor must call the Public Safety Center at 847-735-5555 no less than one day before delivery so we can reserve a space.
  4. The Operator/Vendor must call the Public Safety Center at 847-735-5555 upon arrival for direction and placement.


While students are welcome to use any vendor they choose, both Smartbox ( and U-Box ( have storage units that meet the space requirements and are generally familiar with our protocol/process. 


Please note that PODS and PACK-RAT have not historically worked well here (size of units and complicated “delivery drop-off”).  Therefore, these systems will only be placed at the farthest perimeter locations in our lots, and will likely be far less convenient than desired.


What do you bring (and not bring)? 

Here’s our checklist of what you need to bring to campus.