Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

As a parent, we know you have specific concerns about your student. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from parents.

  • I’d like to mail my student a care package. Where do I send it?

    Mail Services is located in the Mohr Student Center. Each student is assigned a box and can retrieve small items through their box at any time.  Packages and large items may be picked up at the Mail Services counter between the hours of 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    First Name Middle Initial Last Name
    Lake Forest College box #
    555 N. Sheridan Rd.
    Lake Forest, IL  60045-2338

    Are microwaves allowed in students’ rooms?
    Individual microwave units are not permitted in student rooms. Microwaves attached to the Fridge-Micro Unit Rental unit are permitted in all residence halls. Information on how to rent a Fridge-Micro Unit can be found here.

    My student is having a difficult time with a roommate. What advice should I give my student?
    Suggest to your student that they revisit the roommate agreement with their roommate(s). If they have trouble confronting the situation suggest that they go and speak with a Resident Assistant (RA). RAs can provide support and help students communicate with their roommate(s).

    Updating the roommate agreement and working with the RA just isn’t working. My student is still having trouble with a roommate. What is the next step?
    If direct communication and revision of the roommate agreement are not working, the next step is to have the Residence Director attempt to mediate the conflict. Mediation is an opportunity for students to address concerns in a non-confrontational setting, with an unbiased mediator facilitating the conversation. The mediation will lead to the creation of a binding roommate contract. Violation of the roommate contract may result in a further response from Residence Life staff including possible referral to the conduct process. Mediation is often quite successful at helping students learn to compromise and live together as respectful roommates.

    What is the room change process?
    We ask that students remain in their room assignments until the end of the add/drop period before making a room change request. After the change of registration period, the student may email their Residence Director to make an appointment. The RD will meet with the student and together they will decide how to proceed. Room changes are not guaranteed since all room changes are granted on a space-available basis. 

    My student is having trouble with study skills and test-taking. Is there a place on campus where students can go for help?
    There are plenty of academic support services available on campus.

    Is my student’s personal property insured anywhere on campus (their room or storage)?
    Lake Forest College does not insure and is not responsible for loss or damage from any cause to the personal property of students. Students are encouraged to explore insurance coverage with their family insurance agent or with National Student Services, a company that specializes in insuring the personal property of students living in residence halls, off-campus houses, and off-campus programs.

    The Office of Residence Life invites you to contact us with additional questions about our residence life program. Please call 847-735-6232 or email