Student Leadership

The Office of Intercultural Relations is committed to the development and success of all Lake Forest College students.

We are also deeply invested in empowering underrepresented and marginalized student populations to graduate as leaders. Below is a list of ways to be involved: 

Sstudent Organizations:


Peace Corp Club
The Peace Corps Club is designed to encourage cross-cultural understanding and provide opportunities for sustainable community service both on campus and off through volunteering. It aims to further the mission of the official Peace Corps organization.  Peace Corps Club will provide students with all the information they will need to decide if Peace Corps service is for them. It will also help every step of the way during the application process by providing overall guidance, essay help, mock interviews and encouragement. 

Social Justice Club
Social Justice Club is an extra-curricular organization that provides students at Lake Forest College an opportunity to learn about social justice issues that expand beyond the western world while giving them the tools to act against these social injustices. 

SWAN (Students for Womens Awareness Network)
Students for Women’s Awareness Network (SWAN) is Lake Forest College’s only student campus organization that focuses specifically on women’s issues.  Swan’s mission is to engage the Lake Forest College Campus in women’s related issues through a variety of programs, presentations, social events, and conferences.


International Student Organization
The International Students Organization of Lake Forest College promotes worldwide integration and awareness of different cultures. We are dedicated to our goals of providing support to International Students, educating the community about foreign cultures and religions, celebrating diversity, and fostering a spirit of global society by organizing both entertaining and educational cultural events.

Latinos Unidos
Latinos Unidos is Lake Forest College’s Hispanic Cultural Organization.  Our organization is a niche for those who are both interested and take part in Latino culture.  We are active in aspects like Latino awareness and issues, community service, and cultural events.  Our ultimate goal is to advocate unity, respect and knowledge of Latino culture not only on campus but from around the globe.

PRIDE is dedicated to enhancing diversity on the campus of Lake Forest College by affirming the dignity and worth of all members of the College community, regardless of real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. PRIDE’s mission is to provide support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (GLBTQ) students, and to educate the Lake Forest College community at large in regard to GLBTQ issues. PRIDE hosts a variety of functions throughout the year, including sexual health awareness demonstrations, guest speakers, social events, and the annual Drag Show.

UMOJA is a student organization that focuses on promoting awareness and a cultural perspective of the African continent.  UMOJA seeks to extend itself as an additional resource to cater to incoming students from the continent, and also educate the community about the diversity, concerns, culture, and ideals of the African continent.  UMOJA is not exclusively for African students, it is open to everyone and anyone who has interest in issues concerning the African continent and the people of Africa.

United Asia
United Asia is a network of students devoted to encouraging awareness of the different cultures of Asia on campus. It is a group for learning and sharing, and is therefore very open to students of all ethnicities and cultures.

United Black Association
United Black Association (UBA) is a student organization that focuses on African-American culture. The group feels that the support of black culture, and issues pertaining to the black community, are necessary to the emotional, intellectual, and cultural growth of all students, faculty, and staff.  UBA is a resource for the entire Lake Forest College community.  UBA embraces cultural diversity, thus our membership, discussions, and events are open to the entire College community, regardless of race.


Hillel is a group for Jewish students on campus. A developing organization, Hillel welcomes all Jews - reform, conservative, orthodox, or cultural. Our focus is to create a Jewish life on campus, cultivating a relationship with our community. In addition to planning for major holidays, Hillel hopes to take part in awareness projects. We also take part in Chicago Hillel events with area universities.

Is a Christian student organization sponsored by a national organization with campus groups that vary from college to college. Lake Forest College’s division of InterVarsity is open to all students who are interested in studying the Bible, worship, or hanging out. 

Muslim Student Association
The Muslim Student Association (MSA) aspires to bring about a better understanding of Islam as a religion. We strive to make Islamic information available to the public and to encourage participation of MSA members in such endeavors.  We are also an organization that strives to strengthen the faith of each Muslim in God and the message He revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  A key objective of MSA is to present and explain Islam to the followers of other faiths.  This organization does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.  One does NOT have to be Muslim to participate in this organization.

Secular Student Alliance 
Secular Student Alliance (SSA) provides a community for skeptics and does outreach within the college and local community to raise awareness about skepticism and related issues on the news and science. SSA advocates for free, objective thinking in regards to topics that tend to garner heated emotions and passionate opinions. SSA is a safe community, its members often discuss modern issues, using the past as a guide, addressing religion, science, politics based on belief, etc. in a critical but respectful manner. Its members strive to leave each meeting with a better understanding of the world around them. Varieties of perspectives, experiences, and knowledge is the driving factor of this national organization.

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Mojekwu Fund
Professor Mojekwu of the Department of Politics

The Christopher C. Mojekwu Fund for Intercultural Understanding was established in 1982 to honor a remarkable member of the Lake Forest College faculty. This fund provides resources to support programs dedicated to intercultural understanding.

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