Transgender Resources

Lake Forest College works to create an inclusive campus community for all students, faculty, and staff. To that end, we have developed resources to support the needs of transgender and non-binary individuals in our community.

All Gender Bathrooms

The College has developed a list of all single stall/all gender bathrooms, which are now marked with an All Gender Bathroom sign.

Gender Inclusive Housing

The College permits returning residents to self-select a room assignment not based on gender. Gender Inclusive room assignments are available only by resident request and must be mutually agreed upon by all parties occupying the room. Please contact the Office of Residence Life at 847-735-6232 to learn more.

Name/Pronoun Use

Lake Forest College affirms all gender identities and expressions and seeks to foster a learning environment that is inclusive. The College therefore honors requests to use preferred names and pronouns where possible. The Office of Intercultural Relations can provide advocacy and support regarding communication about your preferred name or pronoun. For assistance, please contact the Office of Intercultural Relations, at

Resources for Faculty and Staff

A handout with a recommended name/pronoun statement for syllabi along with additional classroom inclusion strategies can be found here.

The Writing Center has created a resource on gender-neutral pronouns in academic writing found here.

Statement of Commitment to Transgender Individuals

(This update has been made to the Lake Forest College Sexual Misconduct Policy and found at

 When a student or employee notifies the College that the student or employee will assert a gender identity different from previous representations or records, the College will begin treating that individual consistent with the individual’s newly asserted gender identity. To that end, the College will use pronouns and names as requested by the transgender individual in person and in student and employment records going forward. Requests to amend previously existing student or employment records will be handled pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and/or other relevant law and consistent with record amendment requests made by all other students and employees. Moreover, transgender individuals will be permitted access to sex segregated facilities (such as bathrooms, residence halls and/or locker rooms) consistent with their asserted gender identity. Transgender students may participate in the College’s single sex non-NCAA athletics programs consistent with their gender identity. Transgender students may participate in the College’s single sex NCAA athletics programs as set forth in the NCAA guidelines regarding the same.

For additional information or support, please contact the Office of Intercultural Relations at, or LaShun McGhee, Title IX Coordinator at