Intercultural Relations

Jaleesa Lalani

Area(s) of Study

Neuroscience major and History minor


Calgary, Canada


Executive board, Eukaryon. Member, Umoja.

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

I wanted a small college to be able to experience small classroom sizes and better opportunities to get to know my professors. Additionally, Lake Forest's relatively large percentage of international students and commitment to diversity and inclusion were big positive factors in my decision.  

What do you advocate for?

Equal opportunity for all and understanding that different identities equate to different levels of inequality. My own identities leave me both as a minority in some aspects and highly privileged in others. I always try to do my best to understand the issues present in these minority communities and use the privilege I do have to advocate for change.

Why did you decide to be a First Connection Mentor?

I loved my time in First Connection, that week really helped me become comfortable at LFC and I made a lot of the amazing friendships I still have. I was also able to be a mentor last year and I had a great time helping my mentees become adjusted and quickly become important parts of the college community.

Advice for incoming students

The biggest piece of advice I can offer is be authentically and unapologetically yourself. Moving to college can be really stressful and it can be difficult to adjust, but it is also a great time for you to find people and opportunities that align with exactly who you are. Be brave enough to put yourself out there and you'll find amazing things.