Intercultural Relations

Hailyl Gomez

Area(s) of Study

Neuroscience Major/ Spanish and SOAN Minors


Wauconda, IL


Latinos Unidos

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

My first reason for choosing Lake Forest College was due to me being so close to my family so it was nice that it is so close to home. However, once I got to the campus it felt like 
a community was always right behind you helping you every step of the way if help was needed. It soon become a home away from home.

What do you advocate for?

I advocate for those that are treated unequally; for those that don't have a voice. I believe I have been granted many privileges that others don't have but at the same time have been set with many disadvantages. At the end of the day we all just want to be treated equally as human beings no matter our race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, our education level, or nationality. We should
embrace these differences instead of look down on them; thats what I advocate for.

Why did you decide to be a First Connection Mentor?

I decided to become a First Connection Mentor because as I looked back at my experience when I went through it myself I realized how much of an impact it made on my first year of college. The people I keep in touch with the most since I started college have been the friends I made during First Connection. First Connection helped me connect with people that I can relate to and talk about everything that is going on while knowing someone else will comprehend what I am talking about. It becomes a group of people that supports each other at the end of the day, felt a bit like home. That when I knew I made the right choice of coming to Lake Forest College. I wanted to be part of that, so here I am.

Advice for incoming students

It's over said and overused but just be yourself. It all becomes a b it more easier when you're true to yourself. You might feel a bit out of place at first but don't overthink it just enjoy it. Soon enough you'll be done with your first year at Lake Forest College and be looking back at how it went by so fast.