Intercultural Relations

Delaney Trail

Area(s) of Study

Politics and Communications


Littleton, CO


Delta Gamma, Alpha Phi Omega, WMXM Radio, Pride, Garrick Players, Hixon Theater, Ambassador

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

I loved the campus during my visit and met tons of great people that made me feel comfortable in this space. 

What do you advocate for?

I try to be an advocate where needed. I've been mostly focused on Black Lives Matter, supporting sexual assault survivors, and the climate crisis.

Why did you decide to be a First Connection Mentor?

I've seen the great impact that First Connection has had on students and I wanted to contribute to that experience.

Advice for incoming students

Go to meetings for any club or organization you think you might be interested in! It's important to build your community and find your spaces on campus.