Intercultural Relations

Daniela Sanchez

Area(s) of Study

Neuroscience with a Spanish minor


Waukegan, Illinois


Latinos Unidos

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

I chose to attend Lake Forest because when I stepped on campus for a college visit,
I felt a positive vibe that made me know that Lake Forest was the place that I wanted to be at for the next 4 years. I came from a small private high school, so I knew that I wanted something relatively similar where the professors know who you are and you get to build relationships with them.
Seeing the size of campus and how people helped you out without even knowing you, made me realize that this was the place I wanted to be at. It also offered a variety of fields of study and since I am interested in Pre-Med, I knew I was going to be able to find the right major to fit my interests.

What do you advocate for?

Women Rights, Black Lives matter-racial discrimination, LGBTQ rights, Poverty, Child Welfare, Immigration

Why did you decide to be a First Connection Mentor?

I wanted to be a first connection mentor because being a part of this group as a mentee
helped me realized that I can help other incoming students to understand that you are
always going to have someone there supporting you in any given situation. I was able to
build many relationships through this program and it helped me find better resources when
actual college started. I want to mentor these incoming students into learning different situation
occurring around the world and how we can make a change on them. Although some people come
in scared thinking they are going to be look down upon for being a first gen student or a minority,
this program made me feel like I am included and I can always find ways, clubs or programs in which
I will be included and not be look down upon. This community gives many great opportunities to many incoming students and I want to be a part of watching them grow within themselves.

Advice for incoming students

Always keep an open mind and don't be scared to go out and meet new people/build new relationships, they will make your college life more exciting.