Intercultural Relations

Camila Beckford

Area(s) of Study

Neuroscience and Latin American Studies with Pre Medicine Requirements


Phoenix, AZ


Rugby, Intramural Volleyball, Forester Fanatics

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

Because of the amazing Science program and I love the campus, the people, and the support of the college.

What do you advocate for?

I advocate for any and all discrimination against others but at this moment I am specially focused on discrimination against the black community the unequal treatment they are getting and they have been getting for a very long time. In the past I have also focused on the discrimination against Latinx community and the LGBTQ+ community

Why did you decide to be a First Connection Mentor?

I want to be able to help someone going through a similar situation I've been through and be able to give advice I wish someone had told me when I needed it.

Advice for incoming students

Be prepared to experience new things and be open to learning new things as well! This is an entire new chapter in your life and it is the best time to know more about yourself so explore and don't be afraid of change and new things!