Intercultural Relations

Blythe May

Area(s) of Study

Studio Art


Chattanooga, Tennessee


Drawing, reading, VP of Membership for Panhellenic, Provisional Honor Council, PR for UBA

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

I wanted to be close to Chicago and the people I met during my visit were passionate and dedicated to their work.

What do you advocate for?

I advocate for true equity. I am more educated and
well versed on topics such as whiteness, gender-based violence,
mental illness, and LGBTG+ erasure, and I have been spending a lot of my summer furthering my depth of knowledge about abolition.

Why did you decide to be a First Connection Mentor?

I appreciate the opportunity to mentor younger students as they learn about LFC and the
specific issues we face on campus. I feel that we can all learn a lot from each other in this
space and I am happy to be allowed a leadership position within it.

Advice for incoming students

No one really knows what they're doing, so just do your best.