Anonymous Witness Submissions


Report alleged violations of the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. You may report an incident on your own behalf or on behalf of another College community member. You may submit your report anonymously.

Anonymous reports will be investigated to the greatest extent possible based on the amount of information provided. The College’s ability to take action against an accused individual may be limited in the case of anonymous reports.

If you have information about any other type of incident that has occurred on campus, or have knowledge of concerning behavior you think we should be aware of, you can use the below form to provide confidential information under a condition of anonymity. Your identity is not included with the submission of this form unless you provide your personal information in the spaces provided.

If you wish to be contacted, please be sure to include your e-mail address and/or a telephone number.

Fill out my online form.

Note: By pressing the “Submit” button above, you will send the information you entered to the Director of Public Safety. Your submission will be transmitted anonymously and can only be identified if you provided your name, email address or telephone number.


Please note that these forms are NOT intended to report in-progress incidents or time-sensitive information they may not be reviewed for several hours.