Student Health Insurance Plan

Student Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance coverage is required of all undergraduate resident and non-resident students who are enrolled at least half-time, excluding degree candidacy pending students. Graduate students can request enrollment in the student insurance plan by contacting the Student Accounts Office for details.

The College provides a 12-month limited coverage plan for enrolled students beginning in the fall semester. Students beginning their enrollment in the spring semester are provided an 8-month insurance plan.

All applicable students are automatically charged the full amount for the student health insurance plan applicable to their start date. Coverage in the Student Health Insurance Plan may be waived if proof of comparable coverage is carried and a waiver is successfully submitted. Waivers must be filed with the College’s insurance broker online for cancellation of charges. International students who are not permanent U.S. residents must document comparable coverage through a U.S. insurance carrier.

Health Insurance Waiver

If you have a qualified insurance plan and do not wish to be enrolled in, and charged for student insurance through the College, you must file a waiver online and by the following deadlines:

Semester Plans

Waiver Deadline


Coverage Dates

Fall/Spring Semester Students   

August 15


8/15/22 – 8/14/23

Spring Semester Only Students

January 15


1/01/23 – 8/14/23

Before waiving the student health insurance, please be sure to read these important considerations.  

New Items to Note:

  • Gallagher will audit or verify your waiver request. This is to make sure your insurance plan will cover you when you’re at Lake Forest College. Here’s how our waiver review process works:
  • Gallagher checks the insurance company information you entered on your form to make sure it’s accurate and that your coverage is active.
  • Gallagher verifies most waiver requests within 1-2 business days.
  • Once Gallagher verifies your coverage, they will email you at the address you provided on your form to let you know if your waiver request was approved or denied. If they deny your request, they will tell you why. They will also guide you should you wish to revise and resubmit your form and supporting documentation.

Plan Coverage

Brochures outlining the plan coverage and the plan benefits are available online. Please waive or enroll at the website below. 

If you do not submit the online waiver by August 15th, you will automatically be enrolled in the non-refundable annual student health insurance plan. For Spring semester only students the date is January 15th. 

Students Studying Abroad

Students studying abroad are required to have medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Separate monthly study abroad travel insurance plans are available for students not covered by the College student health insurance plan including through ISIC (International Student Identity Card) Travel Insurance.

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If you have questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan, please feel free to contact the Business Office at 847-735-5032.

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