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Panopto Questions

This page contains the answers to frequently asked questions about using Panopto for teaching at Lake Forest College. To search for specific questions, enter your search terms in the box above.

How do I get to Panopto?

If you go to, it will take you to Panopto. There is also a Panopto link in the Main menu block in Moodle that will take you there.

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How do I get videos from Panopto to put in Moodle?

You can link directly to Panopto videos from Moodle. If needed, change the video sharing settings so that anyone with the link can view the video.

For any video in the Panopto block or on the Panopto site, you can copy the link. Then, in Moodle, turn editing on. Go to the week in your outline and choose Add a Resource. Choose a resource of type URL, name it and paste the link into External URL.

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Is it possible to have a shared Panopto folder across multiple Moodle courses?

Yes, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance in setting this up.

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How do I grant access to Panopto videos?

In Panopto, the Share screen allows you choose access for a video or a whole folder of videos. To share a video, you must be the creator of it—it has to be your video.

For your course in Moodle, there is a matching-name folder in Panopto. For Panopto course folders, only you as instructor are allowed to upload videos. Panopto uses the Moodle enrollments to check that only students in the course are allowed to access the course videos. The students are allowed to view any video you upload to the course folder, but they may not edit or delete it. If a video is in the course folder, Panopto will ask the viewer to sign in when they try to view the video from a URL. Panopto will only allow access to students enrolled in the course.

Copying a video makes a new file with its own URL. If you move a video, the URL stays the same.
When you copy or move a video from your personal folder to the class folder, the video inherits the permissions of the enclosing folder.

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Where are my recorded Zoom sessions?

Make sure you are choosing “Record to Cloud.” Your Zoom meetings are automatically moved to the Meeting Recordings subfolder in your personal My Folder in Panopto as soon as they are done processing. It may take a while for the processing to complete. You can move the video from that folder to the appropriate class folder to share with your students.

If you cannot find a video in the course folder, check to make sure you have not accidentally placed it in a different folder such as Assignments. If you still cannot find the video or folder, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

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How do I move videos from My Folder to the appropriate class folder?

Zoom recordings are automatically moved from Zoom to Panopto into the Meeting Recordings subfolder of your My Folder. This move happens moments after Zoom sends the notification that the recording is done and available.

You can move videos from that folder to the appropriate class folder by following the documentation here.

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How can I share Panopto videos with my students?

From your Panopto folder where you created the video click on Share, choose to share within the organization or public (or whatever you want). Click on the link at the top and copy it. Paste the link in email, or in add a URL in Moodle, or a Moodle Label.

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My Moodle course does not have a corresponding folder in Panopto.

Please contact the IT Help Desk to get this set up if it did not happen automatically.

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How can I share Panopto videos with a single student only?

Create a new folder in Panopto and share the link with your student through permissions. They will be able to view any video you put in that folder.

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I see my private videos on the Panopto home page, can others see them as well?

Your Zoom recordings are not publicly viewable. After you log into Panopto, the main screen shows a mix of videos that are available to you, including your private videos and videos others have made available to you.

When you make a Zoom recording, Panopto transfers it to Meeting Recordings in your My Folder. Anything in My Folder is private to you. If you’ve moved your Zoom recordings to your class folders, the video is only viewable by the class.

For any video, you have control over who you share it with. Move your mouse over the video to show the Share button.

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Is it possible to hide some folders in my Panopto account?

Yes, please contact the IT Help Desk with the name of your course and the names of the folders you would like to be hidden.

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Can I see who is watching my videos?

Yes. Use the Stats button on each of the videos to see the viewership.
At the top is a chart of the viewership totals per day. Below, Top Viewers shows the name of the viewer, the number of times they watched it, and for how long. Percent Completed records if they watched all of the movie, no matter how many times they took to watch it.

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Is there a way to remove a video that's not done properly from the Panopto block on my Moodle page?

Yes. Every Moodle course has a corresponding folder on the Panopto site. The Panopto block in Moodle is a listing of all the items in your course’s folder on the Panopto server. You can log onto Panopto at After you sign in, select Browse on the left to display your course folders. Select the video in the course list, and choose the Delete button. Return to Moodle, refresh your screen, and the deleted video will no longer be listed. 

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