Learning Technology

Get Connected

Internet and Computer Requirements

You will need reliable and consistent Internet access (WiFi or wired) that is strong enough to participate in video Zoom sessions and stream video recordings  from a computer
Please see this document to learn more about how to reduce problems staying connected to Zoom meetings and to improve the quality of the meeting.

  • Ideally, the computer should be equipped with a microphone and camera that is either built-in or externally connected through USB or Bluetooth.
  • If no camera and microphone capabilities are available through the computer, a mobile device with those capabilities can substitute.

Note: A mobile device will allow you to communicate with your professors and other students and to review information on Moodle, but they will not, in most cases, be sufficient to complete your coursework.

Please email the Help Desk with any concern you have about your ability to access a computer or the Internet to complete your coursework.


Professors will use Moodle to share course materials and manage assignments and exams. Login to Moodle at https://moodle.lakeforest.edu to see the latest updates for your classes. If you have difficulty accessing materials in any of your courses, reach out to your professor right away.

Moodle has recently been updated to provide a great learning experience for students.


All students have access to a Pro-level Zoom account for this semester. Zoom is used for remote access to class meetings, for faculty office hours, and for group activities.


Course-Specific Software

Your professor will let you know if there is special remote access to software you need to complete your remote course work. Several applications have installers allowing you to install the software on your computer. Other applications require that you run them virtually from our application server. Your professor can give you guidance on how to access the required software.

Note: All software requires that you connect through OpenVPN to run the application. You may also need to connect to your on-campus storage. This documentation guides you through connecting to that storage space once you have connected through VPN.

Expand the headings below to learn how to access the software remotely.