First Year Student Transition Support Program

The first semester of the Lake Forest College experience has joys and challenges.  We have programs in place to help you make the most of the first term.  

START program (Student Transition and Registration Team)

We work with your advisors to develop a preliminary schedule for success.  We take into account your past academic experiences, your student life goals, and your academic and career interests to develop a schedule that is balanced in terms of academic challenges and provides time for the things you want to experience right from the start.  We know that the right courses taken at the right time lead to the greatest possible academic success outcomes.

Student Success Advising Program

We do proactive outreach to students who may need academic support services from the beginning.  Why wait to experience failure or set-backs if they can be prevented?  We reach out to students in the summer and early in the fall term to schedule weekly tutoring appointments or meetings with academic specialists to develop study schedules and address academic concerns.  Our goal is to prevent road-blocks on your journey toward academic success.